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Listing the Best Sports Betting Sites in Australia

This post is dedicated to the best betting sites in Australia where punters will have the most fun, safe in the knowledge their cash and confidential personal data are protected. To be honest, the betting market in Australia is growing really fast. It appears that the number of Australian residents who are in some way engaged in online gambling amounts to 80%. This is a staggering amount of people who are involved in betting. That calls for launching more betting sites that could meet this demand. This is the reason that for the past decade the number of Australian online sportsbooks has increased greatly. At the same time, regulatory bodies are also required to protect bettors’ rights, as well as their money.

As far as Australia is concerned, State and Territory authorities regulate the operators who provide gaming services in the cyberspace, even though there is also federal government legislation in the country. Now, our goal is to help you choose a sportsbook that is safe to play at, as well as all relevant information, which is why this post focuses on the new gambling sites in Australia. Read on.

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Check the Gambling Sites in Australia

The betting market on sports in Australia has become quite vast in the last few years. Today, Australian betting sites compete with bookies whose services are provided outside of the country. The fans of this business are numerous, and their demands have to be met one way or another.

where can you check the betting sites in australiaOf course, it is needless to say that the gambling sites native to Australia pay lots of attention to Basketball and Cricket, Rugby (NRL), Aussie Rules Football (AFL) and other sports that are typical of the country’s nation; whereas offshore operators, quite understandably, pay more attention to international sports like NHL hockey, NHL football, NBA basketball, Major League Baseball, to name a few.

Because there are many offshore brands, the majority of bet types which happen to be offered to Australian bettors are related to international sports. There also are bet types for sports which are oftentimes played in the country. Australian brands also offer single betting, also known as moneyline bets.

What is more, margin betting is offered for the following sports: basketball, rugby union, NRL and AFL. With this feature, you can choose the victory margin in a sports event. It is similar to point spreads. However, when it comes to margin bets, the points are static.

Draw, 40+ points and 1-39 points are typical margin bets in AFL; 11+, 1-10 points are typical for basketball; Draw, 13+ and 1-12 points are typical for rugby. Another popular type of bet is parlay betting. It is also called multibets. Exotics is the name for prop bets that Australian operators use.

It should be noted that not all Australian betting sites offer Live In-Play betting due to legal restrictions. The truth is, the law in Australia does not permit Live betting within the country.

Greyhound racing and horse racing are also covered by Australian operators. There is day-to-day race coverage at tracks around New Zealand and Australia, plus sports events occurring in the United States, South Africa, Ireland and the UK.

In addition, a number of promotions are offered to existing customers and newcomers. The purpose of these is to encourage players to come back over and over for more exciting offers and features.

Before you make a deposit at any bookmakers in Australia, you need to ensure that the site is safe and legitimate. More often than not, online sportsbooks in the country are regulated by regulatory bodies different than the federal legislation in Australia. There are State and Territory bodies that monitor every reputable betting site available on the Internet. There are some limits that the legislation sets in terms of domestic gambling, but the ones that do regulate sportsbooks are bodies like the Northern Territory’s Licensing Commission, Gaming Regulation and Queensland’s Office of Liquor. If an operator is reputable, you are likely to find more details about their license in a visible spot on their site as well as a gambling guide for the users.

why australian punters find bet365 trustworthyBe it as it may, the Australian gambling market is also serviced by a variety of sportsbooks operating outside its boundaries. Normally, they are monitored and controlled by bodies located in the country they are based. It is important to keep in mind that even though a site is licensed, you cannot be 100% sure that it is reputable. Yet, it is much better to use operators who are licensed than the other way around. In fact, if you are not able to locate a license anywhere on the given site, you had better steer clear of it.

Another telltale sign that you are dealing with a trustworthy sportsbook is its experience. It is recommended to stick with operators who have been in business for many years. More often than not, unrepeatable brands don’t make it to service customers for a long time. Making a name for oneself usually takes more time and lots of hard work. Be sure to go for betting sites that have been in business for the past five years or so because it is likely that they are worthwhile.

Finally, when looking for the best online bookies in Australia, make sure to check out the customer support. If your inquiries are addressed pretty quickly, if it is easy to contact a call centre agent, then there is nothing to worry about. However, if getting in touch with an agent takes ages, this is a red flag. Reputable sportsbooks make contacting them an easy, simple and effortless job. It should also be easy to locate the Contact button on their website. Keep all that in mind when examining a potential favourite betting site so that you make a right choice.

How to Make a Deposit and Withdraw Your Money

Australian gambling sites provide a plethora of deposit options for their customers. Certainly, the most common method is using a debit or credit card – MasterCard and Visa are both welcome. Operators also accept bank transfers and PayPal. However, these can sometimes take days to process and complete a transaction, so other ways of funding a gambling account are usually used by the bettors.

In order to make a deposit, you need to choose a payment method. Aside from debit and credit cards, you can use Moneybookers, Neteller and other e-wallets. More often than not, once you make a deposit, you can use your money instantly.

Apart from depositing at a site, you also need to know how to cash out your winnings. Again, operators have a variety of options. For instance, you can use your PayPal, credit card or bank account to obtain your winnings. You only need to verify your identity, and everything will be fine. Normally, withdrawals take time to process, so be patient. You may have to wait for 24 hours.

Which Sportsbook in Australia Should I go For?

which sportsbook in australia applies the betting lawsThere are several factors to help you choose from the Australian sportsbooks. All operators provide odds on cricket, Aussie Rules, A-league football, V8 supercars, Rugby League and Rugby Union. The reason for this is that the gambling market in Australia is vast because of the growing demand for online betting. So, you are likely to find odds on a plethora of sports available on a global scale, including odds on events that are difficult to find.

Newcomers are often tempted with lucrative deposit bonuses. Sometimes the latter can be really worthwhile – over $1000 AUD. Be it as it may, free bets and deposit bonuses are no longer available in some Australian states, for example Victoria, the reason being the government wants to protect Aussies from unsafe and reckless betting. Hence, if you are a keen supporter of deposit bonuses, you need to find a betting site, which offers such features. As you can see, you should always examine a bookie well before you make an account to make sure you will get everything you want from it.

Live bookmakers in Australia are not allowed by the Australian law, so no sportsbooks offer such a feature. Yet, for some events there are half-bets. In some states, betting exchanges are not allowed either. This is why checking the bookie you want to use will go a long way.

Do Australians Have to Pay Taxes on the Money They Win Through Sports Betting?

No, Australians are not subject to withdrawal taxes when it comes to sports sportsbooks in Australia. Since most of the winnings are based on luck and because many people fail to win at sports betting rather than the other ways around, no charges are applied by the Australian government. Truth be told, gambling is not considered a profession at all by the government, so people who make quite a profit at gambling are simply recognised as hobbyists.

Surprisingly, an estimated $7,000 AUD is used for betting both online and at land-based casinos by the average Australian. This is an astonishing number. Without a doubt, the biggest punters on a global scale are Australians. There are a whole host of bookmakers that are based in the country and chances are the market will keep growing in the years to come.

Is Sports Betting in Australia Legal? Should I be Concerned? What Are the Risks?

The Australian law is not clear enough in terms of online poker rooms and casinos. The situation in the country is pretty much the same as that in the United States, that is, the ones that get charged with fines are online sportsbooks. The government is not after the players. The purpose of the Interactive Gaming Act of 2001 was to keep citizens away from problem gambling, however, it does not state that placing bets online on the territory of Australia is considered a crime.

And while online casino, and poker gaming are left somewhere in between what is legal and illegal, online sports Australian bookies are pretty legal. The government regulates online bookies. In truth, some of the biggest sportsbooks on a global scale are located in Australia and they are also licensed. You are sure to find efficient and trusted source of online gambling in the country if you are looking for one. What is more, in most cases, Australian operators welcome punters from around the world.

Which Games Regarding Australian Sports Betting Are Allowed?

which games for australian sports betting does ladbrokes offerAs we mentioned above, some forms of online gambling are legitimate in Australia, where as others are not. The following games are legal to play if you are based in the country: card games played on a table, video poker, slots, roulette, craps, blackjack, and online poker. Bookies that provide these features do not always promote them to residents of Australia. What this means is that casino and poker games are not spread by licensed sportsbooks.

The Australian law allows betting on racing and sports. Wagers involving futures, teasers, parlays and straight bets are legal as well. Horse betting, the traditional pari-mutuel one, is considered legal as well providing that it is played online. So far, only On-play betting is not permitted by the Australian law, as stated by the Interactive Gambling Act.

Interactive Gambling Act

In 2001, the Interactive Gambling Act was passed by the Australian government. It came naturally as the online gambling industry was becoming very strong at that time, and Australian bookmakers needed regulations. The goal of the Act was to prevent operators from promoting online casino and poker games. It was successful in keeping gaming companies in Australia from servicing residents of the country. An excluded wagering service is defined as (according to the Act):

  1. A service that is correlated to placing bets on, or all of the following:
    1. A sporting event;
    2. A greyhound race;
    3. A harness race;
    4. A horse race.
  2. A service correlated to placing bets on:
    1. A contingency different from (a); or
    2. A series of events; or
    3. An event.

Online bookmakers in Australia are allowed by the law to provide casino and poker games to players located offshore, provided that they add these countries to the list of excluded customers, as the government requests.

Despite the law, online gambling in Australia was not prevented. Bookmakers that were situated offshore entered Australia and started offering their services to its residents. Basically, this annoyed the homegrown companies which could not service customers within Australia in terms of restricted games.

how aussies can enter racing and sports betting via bonusToday, online gambling sites in Australia are allowed to enter racing and sports betting. These two games are quite popular in the country and have been around for many years. Land-based operators are allowed to provide sports wagers online. In-play betting, however, seems to be the only exception. In-play betting is when you bet on a sporting event as it is in progress. Unfortunately, it is not legal to play online within Australia. It is stated in the law mentioned below. “Click to call” apps are not mentioned, as the law does not apply to them.

  • There is no subsection when it comes to a service unless specified otherwise, i.e. unless any such conditions have been satisfied in the regulations.
  • (1) and (2) paragraphs are not relevant to a service that has the following aspects:
    • the service is about placing bets on a sporting event’s outcome; and the bets are accepted, received, made or placed after the said event has begun;
    • the service is about placing bets on a contingency which can occur during a sporting event or may not occur during a sports event, and the bets are accepted, received, made or placed after the said event has begun.

Casino sites and sportsbooks which have their headquarters outside the country are to be pursued by the Australian government, although it does not appear to be on the government’s list of priorities. The online gaming market is constantly changing, and there have been discussions about modifying the Act so that those changes can be better controlled.

Safety Situation for Potential Players as a Result of the Interactive Gambling Act

The trouble with the Act is that it does not allow sportsbooks that Australian bettors are familiar with to be part of the casino and poker industry in the country. This leaves room for bookies that are located outside of the country to attract Aussies’ attention. Although a number of operators where citizens can bet on are legal, there are many other sites in Australia which are nothing but scams and whose purpose is to steal personal information and money from bettors. The fact that the government does not allow homegrown operators to accept Aussies means that all sorts of bookies can cover the market in the country. Unfortunately, rogue operators cannot be punished and players are not 100% protected.

Questions And Answers on Australian Betting

  • Q: Is it legal to bet on sports in Australia?

  • A: Yes, it is. In most cases, betting shops in Australia also provide betting sites where customers can place their bets on their favourite sports events.

  • Q: Is it legal to bet on horse racing online in Australia?

  • Yes, it is. In fact, the bookies that offer sports betting on the Internet also provide horse racing wagers to their customers, and you can take advantage of them any time you wish.

  • Q: Where are Australian bettors accepted? Which sites provide their services in Australia as well?

  • A: The betting sites which accept Australians include, but are not restricted to, the following: Ladbrokes, William Hill, Bet365 and Betway. So far, these are the most popular places where Aussies can place their bets on sports and have fun.

  • Q: What about online poker in Australia? Is it legal?

  • A: Let’s assume it is not illegal. It is one of the law’s grey areas. Technically, there is no regulation for bookies situated outside of the country. As for betting websites in Australia, they are not allowed to offer online poker within the country.

  • Q: Is it legal to play casino games online in Australia?

  • A: This is also a grey area. Only offshore brands offer online casino games.

  • Q: Has legal action been taken against online casino or poker operators?

  • No, not really. The government in Australia has never convicted a betting site located outside of the country.

Every punter wants to have fun placing their bets. This is why it is important to choose the right gambling websites in Australia to make your experience unforgettable. The society in Australia is quite liberal, which is the reason why so many people in the country are involved in gambling to some extent. This also explains why the highest rate of punters in the world belongs to Australia. The country needs to address some issues and grey areas correlated to online casino games and poker.

Other Countries

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