After 14 Seasons Starcraft Proleague is being Discontinued in South Korea

Starcraft proleague end 2016
Starcraft’s Proleague is known as one of the most popular eSports and was the first one in the world. Moreover, now after 14 years it crashed and burned due to sponsorship problems and scandals about fixed matches. We are tremendous eSports fans, and anyone who enjoys them or online streams is sure to know Starcraft. Most of us were blown away by the sudden sports growth. We are aware of the scandals that have been going on for years, and to be honest, newer games like League of Legends and even Overwatch are attracting more and more attention. The best teams already disbanded their SC2 squads. Those includes some of the fan favorites such as Liquid, Skt, Samsung and more. Only two teams remain Jin Air and team Afreeca. Over the years many broadcasting channels have included the league such as MBCGame, OnGameNet, SPOTV Games and of course Twitch. Starcraft 2 is most likely the most complex game in eSports, but that has not stopped popular bookmakers such as Bet365, Pinnacle, and Betway from offering odds on the Proleague matches. Many eSports fans will tell you that Starcraft players are most talented in the world. It is still not known how Blizzard will respond to this turn of event, and also what will happen to all of the professional South Korean Players who were under KeSPA’s banner. The upside to this is that Blizzard will continue with their World Championship Series and other tournaments. Overall it is a dark day for Starcraft 2, as the future of eSports hangs in the balance.
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