Andy Murray thinks banned players should not be given wild cards

Why does Andy Murray think that Sharapova should not be given a wild card?

Andy Murray revealed that he is against giving Maria Sharapova a wild card after she was banned for doping. The highest earning female athlete in the world failed a drug test during the Australian Open last year and as her results were positive for meldonium.

The International Tennis Federation banned Sharapova for two years. However, the suspension was reduced to only 15 months by CAS (the Court of Arbitration for Sport). Since her ban will end in April 2017, Wimbledon wonders if they should give the 29-year-old a wild card. Sharapova was already granted a wild card for tournaments in Rome, Stuttgart, and Madrid.

Murray previously stated that she deserves her ban, as he thinks that players have to earn their way back. He told the Times that the majority of events would do whatever they find is best for the tournament. If they think that having a big name like Sharapova fill more seats, they will let her play.

Sharapova has to reach two semi-finals that she has a wild card to enter, and she will automatically earn a place at Wimbledon. If she does not manage to do so, it will be up to the tournament to decide what to do.

According to Murray, Sharapova can increase her ranking to a point at which she will no longer need a wild card. However, if she cannot do that, it will be up to Wimbledon to decide what to do. They will have to think very long and very hard about how people will view their final decision.

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