Blizzard confirmed the creation of Overwatch League

blizzard confirms overwatch league

Blizzard is planning a dedicated league based around their newest best-seller game Overwatch. The multiplayer shooter has gained a lot of popularity and just a few months after its release it ranked in the top watched games list alongside League of Legends, CS GO and Dota 2.

If you have not heard of the game, which is highly unlikely, you should know that it is quite competitive. You have an option of almost 24 champs as you battle for domination.

Unfortunately, the plans for the dedicated league are still in the early stages. There will be a need for quite a lot of things to be tweaked. The game resembles League of Legends in a few factors including the balance shifts, which can be potentially disruptive. Moreover, as we know LoL is a well-established esport, however, the players, funders and bettors have found it quite difficult to handle.

Kaplan responded on that they intend to completely erase the champs that require no strategic plays or skills. They are also concerned, because the patches are too frequent and professional players are having problems with constantly having to change their strategies and skills to keep up with the non-stop changes in the meta of the game.

Furthermore, champions such as Torbjorn and Symmetra are considered by many people as troll picks since the serious players have troubles in making use of them. If you are interested in betting on Overwatch, we recommend William Hill and 10bet.

Of course, while we are waiting for the league to be created, we can enjoy quality Overwatch matches in the World Cup. It features 16 teams from different countries. The players in the team were chosen by fans, and the final two members were selected by the captains.

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