Changes in Team Liquid’s Roster

What's Team Liquid's New Roster?

Team Liquid officially confirmed that Chae Piglet Gwang-jin would be moving from Attack-Damage Carry to Mid Lane and Jung Youngbin Young-bin will be taking over as ADC.

Michael Artress stated that after a week of testing, the Team Liquid made a roster change by moving Piglet to play in the mid-lane, with Youngbin back on the team’s roster playing as an Attack-Damage Carry. The boss added that this was a great combination in scrims, and they are excited to see what progress they will be able to make in the remainder of the Spring split.

Team Liquid announced that they would be having tryouts for the team, mainly for a new mid-laner, on the 21st of February, stating that their current mid-laner, Greyson Goldenglue Gilmer, was underperforming. You can watch the video here.

I doubt that there is a TL fan that has not noticed Goldenglue’s below average performance. The TL CEO, Steve Liquid112 Arhancet stated that he understands the damage that is dealt in team fights associated with that. He even understands that the meta is very different than where the team’s strengths lie.

Piglet has been playing for Liquid as an AD Carry since January 2015. Before that, he was a member of SK Telecom T1 from 2013 to 2014. His current KDA is 2.5, and 70.4% kill participation in the 2017 spring split. Youngbin used to play in the Team Liquid Academy back in 2015 and served as a substitute for the LCS roster in last year’s Spring Split.

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