Coral Went Live with a Player Proposition Brand

Coral and Player Bets

The United Kingdom operator Coral have announced that they went live with Player Bets, which was created by the sports betting solutions company Digital Sports Tech. The offer will be provided by Coral only in the UK and Ireland, and the period will be further negotiated between the two companies.

Player bets is an innovative opportunity that will allow customers to bet on any player’s performance in numerous sports. It will, of course, be based on different statistics. The provider has even developed an exclusive platform, which will enhance the player’s experience while generating odds on every customized bet.

The product will include Basketball, football, rugby and American football. You will be able to place a single bet on a player of your choice, a combined bet, which will include two more players and a third bet which will compare two player’s performances.

Ari Lewski, who is the current Executive Director of DST stated that this type of player-based betting is an area which only a few have explored before, so it has an incredible growth potential. This product is even expected to increase the gamblers engagement with the sport they wager on.

The Sportsbook Director in Coral stated that, their customer are already excited for the release of  Player Bets, and that they already started promoting the product on various channels.

Digital Sports Tech already released this innovative product back in June, with their partnership with an Australian bookmaker called MadBookie. Players have praised the product for the market diversity and its engaging options.

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