LCS CEO’s and Owners Participate in Poker Tournament to Raise Approximately $25,000

Why did the LCS executives play in a poker tournament?

During the last Sunday (19.02) One Riot Games representative and 10 North America LCS team executives participated in a charity poker tournament called the Big Bluff, which ended with approximately $25,000 for the Trevor Project.

Some of the participants included CLG’s George HotshotGG Georgallidis, Cloud 9’s Jack Etienne, TSM’s Andy Reginald Dinh, Team EnVyUs’ Mike Hastr0 Rufail and even Cloud 9’s Jack Etienne. However, not even the combined might of every LCS executive could topple Riot Games since Riot’s very own esports manager Chris Chopper Hopper managed to win the last hand against TL’s Steve Arhancet with a two pair. You can check out his twitter account here.

Hopper’s entire winnings went to the Trevor Project. It is dedicated to providing suicide prevention hotlines to the LGBTQ+ youth and crisis intervention.

Arhancet shared with us in an email statement that he is very proud of what they were able to accomplish at the Big Bluff Charity Poker Tournament. He also mentioned that it is the first event of its kind. He concluded by saying that coordinating with all the teams, the partners at NGE, as well as putting on such a fun and exciting event for such a great cause really shows what the entire esports community is all about. He, as well as the rest of the attendees, are all looking forward to continue this annual tradition.

Moreover, to add to the funds sent to the Trevor Foundation, nearly $2,500 were raised through community donations, when the stream took place, will go to Sr. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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