Paddy Power doubts the Clinton Payout as Trump Narrows the Gap

paddy power on early clinton payout
The popular bookmaker Paddy Power, from Ireland, was quite sure that the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would win this year’s presidential election, so they started to payout the customers who wagered on her. The company is starting to have second thoughts on that generous decision. Last month the bookmaker decided to payout 6,000 Brittish bettors who placed wagers on Clinton. They were sure that she would win, since she had 87% chance to win, unlike Donald Trump who had only 18%. Unfortunately for Paddy Power, Clinton’s email scandal came back, which gave Trump a boost to become the first President, abandoned from his own party. The race for getting into the White House also called the unpopularity contest, has been narrowed just a week before the actual election as Hillary, who still holds the lead with some of the key states tried to shake off the reopened probe of her emails according to an ABC poll. On the other hand, Donald Trump who managed to blitz entire western states in the last days of his campaign is not facing accusations that he has sexually assaulted several female citizens. The two presidential candidates are being considered the least popular ones in the history of American politics, according to the well-known sportsbook Pinnacle. However, the United States presidential elections have managed to attract a lot of interest in the past eight years. Pinnacle stated that the wagering volume of the vote has increased 290 times between 2008 and 2016.
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