Rekkles put on hold a three-year contract with Fnatic

Is Rekkles going to retire?

For more than six splits, Martin Rekkles Larsson has been a starting ADC for Fnatic. Some seasons ended on high notes such as the team’s summer campaign in 2015 that saw them take 4th place in Worlds before a horrible loss to the Koo Tigers (3-0). On the other hand, they have also had bad splits such as last year when they could not attend Worlds at all.

You probably watched how Unicorns of Love destroyed Fnatic in Week 7. Well, after that Rekkles posted several tweets which showed how he felt about the loss and that he wants to end his career while they are still on a high note. sat down with the star AD carry to talk to him about the struggles his team is facing, and if he will sign the 3-year contract, they are offering him. To this, he said that his contract is ready to be signed since they were negotiating quite a lot between the seasons. He said that he wants to work with Fnatic as much as they want to work with him and he still cannot see himself playing with another team.

We also asked him if his tweets were just a frustration or if he is really considering retirement. Rekkles answered that at the beginning of the year, he thought that he had a lot more to give. Thus, he was ready to sign a 3-year contract, but he put it on hold because he has not felt very good personally. At one point during the split, things were not going his way anymore, and he was not able to hold up the individual wall any longer.

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