Rekkles talks about his ex-teammate Febiven

What did Rekkles say about Febiven?

In our second part of our interview, we asked Martin Rekkles Larsson about who his favourite teammate from Fnatic was. You can read the first part here. He stated that this is an easy question to answer, but he wanted to make sure that it is worded correctly.

He thinks that most of his fans will expect him to say Bora YellOwStaR Kim, but he felt like Fabian Febiven Diepstraten was the best teammate he has ever played with. Rekkles told us that Febiven is one of those rare people who always lighten up the mood no matter what happens. He stated that he is not sure exactly how to explain it since Febiven does not do it intentionally. It is just the way he is. However, the ex-Fnatic teammate is such a positive person, that he just lightens up the mood no matter what happens.

Rekkles thinks that especially during the last year when the team was going through so many hard times, he would have never gotten to where he is without Febiven. Fabian always made is easy to go through the days, and it was a joy to train with him because was an excellent player, and he is even better now these days.

Rekkles also shared that he regrets letting him go, but that is just a part of their job. The rosters change over the years, and they just have to make the best out of every situation. However, Febiven was one of the most inspirational people Rekkles has ever worked with, even though if the ADC is not quite sure if the mid-laner realises it. However, Rekkles is completely sure that many people who have worked with him feel the same way.

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