SKT T1 Signed ROX Tigers’ Peanut

SKT T1 Signed ROX Tigers’ Peanut

SK Telecom T1 just announced that they have signed the incredible jungler Han Peanut Wang-Ho. He used to play for the ROX Tigers.

This announcement confirmed a previous report by the ESPN, which stated that Peanut will be joining SKT T1 after he officially left the ROX Tigers this Wednesday.

Peanut was the only player in the team, after the rest of the athletes left earlier this week to seek better opportunities.

This great jungler started his career playing for the NaJin e-mFire. He joined them in 2014, and he was a substitute until he turned 17 in the next year. Then he was finally eligible for professional competitive play, but he spent most of 2015 as a back-up for their jungler back then Cho watch Jae-geol.

After ROX Tigers’ original jungler Lee Hojin Ho-jin left them, they signed Peanut for the LCK spring season in 2016. He quickly became one of the best junglers in Korea. He helped placing ROX Tigers in the 3rd-4th spot at the World Championship a few months ago. His team lost against SKT in the semifinals.

They decided to sign Peanut after releasing Bae bengi Seong-Woong, who played with them for four consecutive years. They also signed a secondary jungler, who will most likely rotate with Peanut on the starting line-up. His name is Kang Blank Sun-gu

This is SKT’s roster for 2017:

  • Top Lane – Kim Profit Jun-Hyung
  • Jungle – Han Peanut Wang-Ho
  • Mid Lane – Lee Faker Sang-Hyeok
  • ADC – Bae Bang Jun-Sik
  • Support – Lee Wolf Jae-Wan

Moreover, the secondary players:

  • Jungle – Kang Blank Sung-Gu
  • Support – Kim TaeHoon Tae-Hoon

Our team is very excited to see how this works out in the LCK spring season in 2017, so follow our blog section for further odds and changes in the LoL world!

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