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Look at The Best European Betting Sites

This article focuses on the best European betting sites. We aim at giving you all the necessary information about the reputable online bookmakers and we will show you how to identify them to ensure that your personal details and money are secure. Nowadays, there are many betting establishments across Europe that are available in different languages. The sports betting industry keeps growing on the Old Continent. There are many brands situated in different parts of Europe, however, there is no European regulatory body that handles the licensing and regulation. Instead, every country has its own regulatory systems. We will talk about these issues in the following sections. Check out more information about the betting sites in Europe.

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Check the Top Betting Sites in Europe

which are the top european betting sitesThe gambling industry in Europe is quite successful. In recent years, one of its segments, online betting, has been growing pretty fast. Its revenues in 2015 hit €13 billion. Not only that, but the most reputable online betting operators across the globe are located in Europe.

The main focus of online bookmakers in Europe is sports that are common on the continent. Usually, local operators cover national sporting events and leagues. The most popular sports covered by European bookmakers include European hockey, snooker, tennis, soccer, darts and rugby. As far as soccer is concerned, there is an emphasis on tournaments and leagues, as in Champions League, English Premier League and La Liga.

In addition, bookies cover some North American sports, such as American college sports (NCAA), basketball (NBA), American football (NFL), hockey (NHL), baseball (MLB).

There is a wide range of betting options offered at online gambling sites; for example, there is under and over betting, as well as three-way moneyline betting. In terms of Live In-Play betting, there are a number of options of props wagering. Also, on league championships and season totals, there is futures wagering.

Horse racing is another sport that receives coverage on the Old Continent. A multitude of betting sites in Europe cover domestic and foreign tracks on a day-to-day basis. Also, major racing events are covered in detail, including Belmont Stakes, Preakness Stakes and the Kentucky Derby in the United States, as well as the Royal Ascot, the Grand National and the Derby.

Existing and new comers are provided a whole host of promotions and deposit bonuses by the Top Best European bookies to keep them coming back for more. This gives them a chance to play at online poker rooms and casinos.

Which are the Best Places for Online Sports Betting in Europe?

find top places for online sports bets in europeTruth be told, it is difficult to pick out one single operator. It mostly depends on what you are looking to get and a few other factors. In the first place, not all bookies accept registration of customers from certain countries because various areas have law restrictions (it is costly for any sportsbook to analyse the market and law in a certain country to see whether it is worth starting a business in that area or not.)

The most important factors to look out for when choosing an operator are the bet and the odds. You need to be looking for a sportsbook that offers competitive odds. They also need to be able to lay big bets. Sometimes you can come across a bookie that has really attractive odds; however, its staking limits are quite low. What you as a customer need is a combo of good bets and fair odds.

European sportsbooks have a variety of sign up bonuses, which depend on the time of year, country and operator. There are brands that provide customers from particular countries with promotions and concessions because their goal is to do business in that area. Without a doubt, sign up bonuses are a hit among punters. They have the potential to attract plenty of customers. However, bettors need to always read well the terms and conditions that accompany these promotions. In some cases, the terms decrease the chances of winning or withdrawing bonus and deposit funds.

Bet365 is one of the best gambling sites in the cyberspace. Its sign up bonuses are amazing and the odds are competitive. Also, they have decent bets. Of course, there are other sportsbooks that are worth checking out, but so far Bet365 has made it to the top bookies choices.

Choosing from the many European gambling sites is not easy – you need to ensure that your deposit will be in safe hands. There are so many online operators in Europe and more are coming up. This makes it extremely important to choose your operator with care.

Even though there are a multitude of bookies offering sports betting online for their fans in many European countries, there is still no pan-European regulatory body to protect the rights of bettors and to license gambling operators located within the EU. Instead, bookmakers are regulated and licensed on a national level, usually by the country where they are headquartered. As a whole, each country has its own governing body that does the job. For instance, a Gambling Commissioner is responsible for licensing and regulating operators in the British territory of Gibraltar; the Dutch Gaming Authority regulates betting sites located in the Netherlands; in Spain and Germany, regulation and licensing are done on a local level. As for Ireland, currently, there is no regulatory body.

how to check if a european gambling site is legalA roadmap, the purpose of which is to adjust regulation and help member states cooperate with each other, has been suggested recently by the European Commission to meet the need for amendments to the regulatory rules and bodies in Europe.

The market of the best European betting websites is also served by international brands whose headquarters are located outside of Europe. Each one of these is regulated and licensed by the regulatory bodies available in their own countries. A good rule of thumb is to stick with sites which are licensed. Although it is not a surefire signal that an operator is honest and principled, it is still the best option. A bookie that is not licensed should definitely raise a few eyebrows. You had better not use such sites at all.

Certainly, the best way to go is to pick a site which has been in business for a long time and which is successful in what it does. Operators that don’t act ethically usually don’t stick around for too long, whereas reputable brands that have made a name for themselves are bound to stay in business.

As a last resort, you should also check whether the customer service of the given operator is second-to-none. This means that it should be relatively easy to reach the agents and that you should be provided with relevant info regarding your questions, especially concerning withdrawals or deposits.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Money with European Gambling Operators

There are many ways of depositing money at European betting sites. So far, credit cards are the most popular method and the majority of operators accept MasterCard and Visa. However, it normally takes between three to five days before the money hits the payee’s account, which can be very discouraging, so customers often opt for other methods of payment.

Another popular method is using an e-wallet like Neteller and Skrill. Their best feature is that they ensure a fast, secure and anonymous way to make money transfers. They are also cost-effective. Other ways of depositing money include using bank transfers or PayPal.

When it comes to withdrawing your money, there also are a few methods. More often than not, you will withdraw your money the same way you funded your account. For example, if you used a bank transfer to fund your gambling account, you will get your winnings via a bank transfer. If you used PayPal to deposit your account, your winnings will be paid out via PayPal.

Without a doubt, Europe is the best betting market on a global scale and it has a lot on offer with regard to online gambling. There are a whole host of reputable betting sites where you can have lots of fun.

Is Online Sports Betting in Europe Legal?

is it legal to bet on online sports in europeThe European legislative landscape is quite well laid back. Regulation and licensing of European betting sites are different for different countries, when it comes to types of bets and gambling terms. Down below, you will read about the gambling polices in the major countries on the Old Continent.

United Kingdom

The majority of gambling sites in Europe were established in the United Kingdom. Yet, many operators moved headquarters to Gibraltar and Malta, which indeed are tax havens. You should know that gambling online within the country is not only legal, but also tax-free. What is more, the laws were changed a few years ago and now the government permits television commercials and press advertisements for gambling.


A few years back, the country wouldn’t allow foreign-based sportsbooks to service French bettors, but after the EU put pressure on France in 2010, they decided to welcome bookies operating outside of the country as well. What is illegal in France are betting exchanges, even though the decision has been opposed by brands like Betfair. Only people who are considered professional gamblers must pay taxes on their winnings, whereas hobbyists are not subject to any deductions.


The first steps to online gambling liberalisation in the country were taken in 2003, as the government was accused of infringement. There was a monopoly, which didn’t allow bookmakers headquartered outside of the country to service Italian bettors. There was a change in the law in 2009, which permitted foreign brands to operate in the country after they receive a license from Italy.


how to bet on european football in germanyThe legislation situation considering bookmakers in Europe in the country is a little bit confusing. Currently, there are both state laws and national laws. A while back, 15 states out of the 16 in the country embraced the “Interstate Treaty on Gambling”. With this law, the ISP’s was given permission to block access to gambling portals and online casinos. Also, the banks were not allowed to accept money transactions from online sportsbooks. Later on, this law was claimed to violate the European law. This is how the gambling market in Germany was liberalised to some extent in 2012, as it became legal for private operators to obtain lottery and sports betting licenses. In the beginning, there could only be 20 licenses and stakes were imposed a 5% tax. The government hasn’t issued many licenses so far; on the contrary, these firms must meet some stringent requirements to be accepted. You can learn more about that here. For now, German punters can place bets on a variety of online betting sites that are licensed and regulated by outside bodies.

Others Countries

  • Spain – In 2012, Spain put into effect a new law for licensing and regulating sportsbooks. This is what made gambling and sports betting in Spain legal. More than 70 bookmakers have been licensed since then. There is a 20% tax on gains that exceed €2,500.
  • Sweden – If a given sportsbook has a special license, online sports betting in the country is legal. For now, only Svenska Spel bookmaker has been given a license by the Swedish government. This is one of the reasons that Swedish customers have been using foreign brands like crazy.
  • Greece – Recently Greece made online gambling and sports wagers at the sportsbooks in Europe, with a 10% tax on winnings.
  • Denmark – Until recently, Denmark has had a state monopoly on online betting. Today, it permits foreign firms to service residents provided that they are licensed.

To comply with the legislation of the European Union, many member states are made to liberalise and regulate their law in terms of online betting. For more information on taxes and legality of gambling in your country, be sure to check with local regulations and laws.

Further Information about Bookies in Europe

As you can see, lots of countries on the Old Continent encourage online sports betting, unlike the United States. There even are administration teams that are dedicated to monitoring online sportsbooks, making sure they operate properly. They issue licenses to the operators that are approved by the administration teams. You can be sure that if you pick a licensed site, you will have lots of fun placing bets on online sports.

The gambling “population” in Europe is hungry for different kinds of sports. This is why the top betting sites in Europe cover a plethora of events and sports for bettors to enjoy. Here is a list of some of the sports they offer:

  • find some of the sports that european betting operators offerGolf
  • Field hockey
  • Rugby
  • Swimming
  • Bicycle racing
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Ice hockey
  • Cricket
  • European football

What is popular about bookmakers in Europe at this point are championships and tournaments where many different countries participate. The most popular events include the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, the UEFA European Football Championship

Attributes of the Top Betting Sites

The main currency used on the European continent is the Euro, however, there also are other currencies available. Hence, the top European betting sites accept different currencies and allow transactions in different currencies. This is why exchange rates are not an issue and bettors don’t have to worry about them at all. What is more, these sites also provide plenty of deposit options by accepting major credit cards, bank transfers and e-wallets.

Furthermore, you should know that the best online gambling providers offer their services in several languages so that as many bettors can take advantage of them as possible. This is due to the fact that there is no universal language on the continent. Hence, operators need to provide plenty of language options in order to make their sites easy to understand.

Yet, bookies’ customer support has to be individual. Punters have the chance to talk to a representative using a toll-free number, online chat or e-mail. Needless to say, the top sportsbooks cater to customers’ needs round the clock. That way they can address problems as soon as they occur. Additionally, a reputable brand accurately pays bettors at all times.

Last but not least, the best bookmakers in Europe are reputable and secure. They are supposed to have data encryption, which helps keep customers’ confidential data safe. As you know, identity theft is one of the biggest problems in the cyberspace. That’s why operators should go out of their way to protect customers’ personal information.

Other Countries

Every European punter dreams to visit Las Vegas, why dont you read about the legislations there?

Betting By Country

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