In-Play Betting – Everything You Need To Know About the Best Live Betting Sites

In the following article, we are going to give you an overview of the best live betting sites available online. Throughout the years, sports betting has developed a lot, and it got to a point where the main feature is live betting. In fact, it has become so popular that today 80% of betting is attributed to live betting, whereas pre-match bets get very little attention from punters – 20% respectively. In-play consoles make all the difference. They offer a few handy features, dynamic odds and a myriad of betting options. One of the best features is In-play streaming. All these things are designed to help you have a pleasurable experience when placing your bets. If you are looking for the best betting site, you are in the right place.

Check Out the Top In-Play Betting Sites on The Internet

Which are the top In-Play betting operators on the web?The purpose of this page is to provide information about the best betting sites in the cyberspace. In-play bets are available at all the bookmakers we feature on this site. To be honest, we would not want to present an operator that does not provide the “bet in play” option.

You cannot have missed to notice that Bet365 is on top of the list. This is not by chance. The operator provides in-play streaming for most of its featured markets.(geo-restrictions apply & funded account or bet placed in last 24 hours required)

We hope that you do not think that the other bookmakers are not worthwhile, though. The rest of our featured operators do pretty well on this account. Make sure to check which of them function properly so that you get a good live betting service in exchange for your money.

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What is Live Betting?

It may also be referred to as in-play betting, and it is a very exciting innovation in online sports betting which allows you to engage with an event while it unfolds, not just before it begins. The way to success is to start by establishing if you will be clever or cautious.

Being smart means to use your wits, and to spot when the bookies have lengthened the odds on a probability that you think that might materialise. Being cautious means to spread your money across events and markets or to bed big on what seem to be foolproof outcomes. Live betting requires all of the insight and analysis that you usually use to place a regular bet. However, in much less time.

Why Choose In-Play Betting Over Pre-Match Betting

Truth be told, both types of betting have their advantages and disadvantages. So it really depends on what you are willing to get. The biggest advantage of live betting is the vast array of betting options, which add to a more exciting experience. Yet another benefit is that the odds get changed pretty fast, so if you can foresee an event, you can actually win a good profit. All in all, in-play betting is designed for people who can make decisions quickly, go with their gut and have strong determination. If you are not certain you possess those qualities, make sure to check it out yourself in the first place.

Live Streaming of Events

How to make an in-play bet through live streaming? Live streaming is a widespread feature and it is not restricted to the UK only. On the contrary, it is available worldwide. If a bookmaker provides such a feature, you can usually see a Flash-based box on the website, as an event is taking place live on TV. What you should know about the best betting sites we feature on our page is that the streaming is safe, legal and there are no delays. Again, we strongly recommend using Bet365, especially as far as streaming is concerned.(geo-restrictions apply & funded account or bet placed in last 24 hours required)

The bookie’s broadcasting portfolio is quite impressive. A number of high-profile events are streamed in high quality by the operator. Of course, there are some requirements to meet before you can watch live streams. Apart from the technical ones – you need an adequate device and Flash Player in order to run the streaming – you also have to fund your account at Bet365(geo-restrictions apply & funded account or bet placed in last 24 hours required) so that you can get access to the live feeds. Some bookies want you to bet at least £1, especially with regard to horse racing.

The biggest con of in-play streaming as a gambling term is that watching in full screen is not available. Another disadvantage is that most international and club football competitions are not available either. You can only get audio commentary for some of those events.

The Criteria Behind the Best Live Betting Sites Consoles

Each best sites console requires lots of hard work. Different developments are necessary for you to watch streaming live and place your bets before the event is over. Bookmakers make sure to provide all the packages required to make your experience easy and pleasurable. Up next is an overview of the live betting consoles online you can come across with.

  • Overview Mode – When you go to a live console, you will be first redirected to the Overview mode. This is where all of the major events and the biggest bets placed for them are presented. You can go to different sections of the page, looking for the best wager. The overview mode is usually displayed differently on a mobile device, as compared to a computer screen. This is due to the fact that the space on a smartphone is a little limited. Hence, the events are usually shown in different groups.
  • Event View Mode – After choosing the event you want to go for, you have to go to the next mode, which is Event View. Here you can see all bets that are available for the given event. When the live coverage begins, you can find all the important details about the event in a field, located above the bets. For instance, if you are watching a football match, you can see additional information about the goals scored, cards, corners and the like.

Multi-View Section Lets You Customise Your Console

Do you know all about the multi-view section? The Multi-View section allows you to tailor the layout of the console to meet your requirements and taste. It is a section between the Event View and Overview modes. In general, you can include only the events you are interested in, using the Multi-View mode. What you need to do is to choose your desired fixtures and drag them to the Multi-View section.

Unfortunately, not all of the operators offer such a tool. However, some of the best sites like Paddy Power and Bet365 support the feature.

  • Live Graphics – As we mentioned above, there is a limited supply of competitions which are broadcast live, and this is a huge downside of in-play streaming. To make up for this, the best betting operators offer splendid graphics. Unfortunately, you still cannot hear or see what is going on during the event, but you can learn more about it using the graphics. Along with them, you can also get some statistics if you decide to go for Bet365.
  • Check Schedule to See Upcoming Events – Another feature of the live betting consoles is Schedule. This is where you can check the schedule for different upcoming events. Note that you cannot bet in that section. Its purpose is strictly informative. Here you can see when different events start and whether they will be live streamed. Some operators offer such information a week or so before the event.
  • Cash Out Feature – This feature is relatively new for the top live betting sites. However, it is beginning to gain popularity on a global scale. It gives users the opportunity to decide the fate of their bet. In other words, during an event, the given bookie can enable punters to close their bets when they are in a winning position. They also give them the opportunity to cash out some of the winnings. If you are one of those players who still don’t trust their gut and are in doubt about the wagers, you have the chance to close your bet and prevent any losses.
  • Fast Betting Option – Among the other exciting features available in in-play betting is the quick bet option. Currently, only a few operators offer this attribute. Another bookie that has the quick bet feature is Paddy Power, plus Coral. This option gives punters the chance to place a bet within seconds by clicking on an on/off button. Of course, the wager must be set ahead of time. This feature is perfect for sports, whose markets and odds change very quickly, such as tennis.

Live Betting Consoles and Market Range

What is the market range of live-stream Betting consoles? As a whole, it matters how many markets best sites offer to punters. The more markets an in-play betting site is able to cover, the better for customers. If you think that tennis and football are enough to satisfy your needs, you are wrong. Today the best live betting consoles online stick with as many markets as they can, including handball, curling, table tennis and the like.<>/p<

What is more, in order for a bookmaker to be considered a top in-play betting site, it must provide a complete portfolio on its website. So, always examine an operator thoroughly before you create an account and be sure to look around for the best bookies so you can make a right decision and improve your betting experience.

Don’t Forget the Importance of Live Odds

One thing – The Odds – will always matter to you, no matter if you are an experienced bettor or you are just starting your betting journey through the best sites. It is their dynamic nature that places such great importance on odds. Plus, they offer some twists and turns that should not be underestimated. By keeping the odds movements well balanced, the best betting operators can keep payout ratios close, which is bookies’ main goal.

  • Compatibility with Mobile Phones – Nowadays, technology is so advanced that it comes as no surprise that the bookmakers we feature on our site provide mobile platforms for their customers to enjoy all the gaming on the go. The best part is, they make surfing and placing bets a real breeze with the help of an intuitive layout, specially designed for smartphones. Since you will be using your device, it pays to be quick. You know, you need to do a few click or touches in order to get things started. Be careful, the odds might already have disappeared by the time you place your bets. So, try and be fast because this is of great importance when it comes to live betting.
  • Use Live Score to Check the Results – The various online platforms allow customers to check the results they want to. The consoles are developed quite well, making it easy to follow the games and get the results for every race. A lot of bookmakers provide a separate Results section, which allows you to see whether you have won. What is more, some bookies boast a specialised system for live score. Such developments are more often than not provided by GoalsFeed and Betradar.

Is it a Good Idea to Place Live Bets Using a Bet Exchange?

In-Play betting has become quite popular with such operators, mainly because most online betting exchanges give you the option to lay bets. This means that if you do not think that a specific outcome will happen, you can bet against it. This gives you a tonne of betting possibilities.

Lay betting also give you another way to approach an otherwise uninteresting event. Moreover, since you are pitting your wits versus fellow gamblers on the exchanges instead of conclusively proved bookmakers, there is a chance to take advantage of some over-enthusiastic or wishful thinking punters.

The Boom of In-Play Apps

Is there a Boom regarding the In-Play apps on the market? One of the fastest growing types of betting is placing wagers during live events. However, the fastest growing type of online gambling is betting on the go. Multiple reports state that placing bets on a mobile device has surprised doing so on a desktop browser as the most popular form of online gambling.

If we combine the convenience of betting on the go with in-play betting, we will have the future of live betting. The best online bookies saw the value of this combination and decided to create specialised in-play betting sections in their applications to make sure that the punters who want to make a quick bet on a live game will easily do so from their mobile devices.

Live Betting Strategy

A lot of punters make the common mistake of believing that in-play betting is a novelty which is reserved for recreational gamblers. Maybe in the future, I will write a whole live betting strategy section, but for now, I will just give you a few hints on how to use in-play to your advantage.

  • Slow Starts: For example, you see a football team which began slow in this Premier League season but finished strong in their last several matches. If they are the favoured club in a match and you want to bet on them, why would you do so during pre-match? Instead, you can wait for the odds to drop through in-play betting so that you can make the exact same bet with better odds.
  • Fast Starts: This applies more to the American National Football League (NFL) and less to British Football. Every single season, there is a team which has all of the starts like a Pythagorean record. Yet, they always find a way to lose games. For example, in the 2011/2012 season, the Philadelphia Eagles had massive composure issues and gave up a lot more late game leads than any other team. If you thought that there was nothing more to this than just luck, all you had to do to gain an edge was to bet against them for any of the games that they were leading in the third quarter.

Of course, there are many more examples. The most talented punters derive the mass of their profits from live betting. Odds are created with a computer which uses advanced algorithms. It is true that machines generate odds which are almost impossible to beat with random wagers, but they can still be exploited. This is merely because sports like most things in life are not entirely statistical, there is the human factor involved, and the system cannot account for it. If you watch the games, you will see how teams appear while playing, their motivation, composure and so on. If you are a good body language reader, you will be able to beat the computer in specific sports.

If you are new to sports betting, it is important to take it slow and bet responsibly. Moreover, do not your emotions get in the way. For example, I have a friend who is a big Manchester United fan, and always bets for them to win, even though in some cases their victory is nearly impossible.

Bets Available in Live Betting

There are a multitude of bets you can use in live betting. Some of them are not even possible before an event begins. This opens up many opportunities that you simply have to take advantage of. This is one of the reasons why live betting is so attractive. It offers things you cannot get anywhere else. For example, you may be given the opportunity to predict who is going to score the next goal in a football match or you can guess who will score the next points in an American football game.

Which bets are available for live betting on tennis? Here is an example of what wagers could be available for a tennis match:

  • Set 1 Result
  • Set 2 Correct Score
  • Set 2 Winner
  • Set 2 to Go to Tiebreak
  • Set 3 Result
  • Set 3:
    • Race to 2 Games
    • Race to 3 Games
    • Race to 4 Games
    • Correct Score
    • Score After 2 Games
    • Score After 5 Games
    • Total Games Odd/Even

This is just some of the available options for a single game. Like we said, the options are plentiful. We cannot list all of them. Besides, you can find different wagers for the same game at different bookmakers. Which means an abundance of in-play bets. And if this is just a fraction of the wagers for a tennis game, imagine how many bets there can be for other sports.

Advantages of Live Betting

Find out what are the advantages of in-play betting! From what you have read above about the basics of live betting, you probably assume that the advantages of live betting are plentiful. Right you are. First and foremost, it is the availability of additional bets that you cannot take advantage of when it comes to standard betting.

And this is amazing because you may not be able to predict the outcome of an event, but you can try to guess who will win the second set in a tennis match or who will score a goal next in a football match. There is a plethora of markets to choose from.

Another great thing about in-play betting is that you can make more accurate predictions once the game has started rather than a few days before it has even begun. Your decisions will be much more informed because watching the game and seeing how each player is doing, you can see which team is in its best shape.

Let’s say you decide to back your favourite team in an upcoming game, but once the event starts, one of the most crucial players on the team gets injured and has to leave. This will surely lower their chances of winning and jeopardise your stake. However, if you decided to bet in-play instead, you would be able to make more precise judgments based on what had already happened during the game. On that note, this form of betting can help you manage your risk more effectively. If a game is not turning out exactly how you expected, you can cut losses by taking a different approach in real time. There are many techniques you can use.

If you are experienced enough, you will know how to turn things in your favour. Just keep in mind that betting odds are different than the regular ones. They change pretty quickly, this is why you need to act fast, or you might miss your opportunity.

There is one more benefit of in-play betting. It brings a thrill. It is much more exciting than placing a standard wager. This also makes watching a game more fun.

All in all, live betting is a fascinating way of making a profit. If you play your cards well, you will not only have some fun but also increase your bankroll. So, go for it.

What do you Need in Order to Place Bets on Sports Live?

What do gamblers need to place wagers on sports live? In the first place, you need to be a risk-taker and an adventurous person. In-play wagers are not everyone’s cup of tea, especially for beginners, but once you understand the basics, you have the chance to get some great winnings.

In live betting, it is all about going with your gut, as compared with pre-match betting, which requires that you do some research ahead of time to find a good deal. When it comes to the best live betting sites, be sure to watch closely from beginning to end, as well as consider each and every of your wagers twice.

If you win, don’t hesitate to obtain your winnings.

Is Live Betting Legal?

We can assure you that all of the best sites we feature on our website are legal. Respectively, all the live events they feature are regulated, and there is nothing to worry about. A number of agencies like eCOGRA, TST and ESSA monitor closely those bookies, not to mention the British Gambling Commission is the body that regulates every operator in the UK. Of course, we cannot guarantee that every betting site on the Internet is legal or safe.

What About Live Streaming?

The same applies to streaming too. The fact that operators broadcast various sporting events live and give you the chance to watch them via your mobile phone does not mean that it is a shady business. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you can use the platforms for personal use only. This means that you need to obtain authorization from the operator ahead of time if you want to watch live streams.

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