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Paddy Power is a bookmaker company that is based in Ireland, and can easily be called the best in the country. Their high street stores are present all over the United Kingdom and Ireland, which has resulted in its immense popularity. Now, there are 212 shops in Ireland itself, and over 107 shops in the UK, since Paddy Power was formally introduced and established in 1988.

They are very, very popular among the people of England and Ireland, probably because of the attitude that they adopt towards their work and service policy. Their aim is to provide laid back, amiable service that is entertaining for the people. Because of the consistency in their service, they have become one of the most popular and loved names in the world of online betting in the United Kingdom.

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Betting Odds and Bet Management: 9/10

One of the most attractive features about Paddy Power is that they are represented on some of the best, most popular markets, making it a forerunner in the field of online betting. They specialize in sports books, especially football, and that is the reason you are likely to find some of the best markets in that category.

The availability of different popular markets makes it one of the most unique forums to bet on, and get appealing rewards and returns. You also have the opportunity to make some great deals after placing great odds in areas and genres in which you previously never though you would grow an interest. The prices that are set for popular games and sports such as horseracing and football are ve4ry competitive and affordable, when you compare the rest of the online sites that are functioning in the market today, another reason for its high popularity.

The interface is smooth and convenient with an all-inclusive bet slip that you are able to access at all times. Depending on your need, you can have it filling up your screen, or even keep it in a collapsed state. If you do not want to constantly scroll up and down trying to view all your bets together, you can make use of the Pop-Out option, which opens up the whole slip on a different tab, so that it is easier for you to see all your bets on one single page.

You can also manage your bets at any time, by accessing your bet slip. You can do this by logging into your account, which you will be provided with, once you register for the first time on Paddy Power, to ensure easy management of all your transactions.

Betting Markets: 9/10

As mentioned above, one of the most attractive features about Paddy Power is the wide and varied markets that is provides to all its betters. The Quick Links option on the menu shows the elements that are the most domination markets on the site. Usually, it is always popular betting sports like horse riding races and football markets. However, if you are looking to expand your horizons, you also have the option of exploring other games and sports such as Aussie rules, ice hockey and even unconventional markets such as Financial Rules. You also have all other games and sports ranging from things like badminton to beach volleyball, which you can access from the Other Sports option that is present.

The manner in which the market and the market options are laid out is also presentable and neat and informative, so that you have no problems while navigating through the website. You get a special coupon for each different sport that you choose which makes the transaction and the betting process organized and easier. The annoying graphics and overwhelming advertisements are kept in check, which gives the site its professional, dignified look. Other sites may present you with a huge number of bets from which you have to choose one that suits your needs the best.

You can make more than one bet on one market, and in order to find out the exact number of bets that you can make. Although you may have to scroll down a great length in order to find exactly what you are looking for, you will not feel too tedious doing it, because it is well organized and presented.

Live In-Play Betting: 8/10

The live in play betting feature is something that every single online site dedicated to betting, offers. However, the popularity depends on the quality of the same features that is present on all the sites. The live in play betting feature on Paddy Power is not as visually attractive and smooth as that on other betting sites online, the format in which it is created is simpler than most others.


This ensure that you can use it with ease, and still get all the information and the live streaming of all the matched you need, in a quality that is just slightly lower than that of other sites. The updates and the important notes are all presented and highlighted in red, so that it immediately catches your attention. Every single aspect of betting in popular games such as football, whether it is Handicap betting, or score goal betting, is thoroughly covered, so that you will be spoilt for choice, when you are placing your bet.

All information, including the time of the match, the number of goals, and the scorer among other details will all be presented to you in real time. One unique feature is that you have the option of switching between live sports betting and also live financial betting, with live feed from one or both constantly being updated on your account for future reference.

Website: 8/10

Paddy Power, which one of the leading online betting websites in Ireland and England, has several unique features which sets it apart from the rest. However, perhaps the most fascinating and the most prominent feature which brings about this popularity is the design and the layout of the website itself. When you first enter their site, you are likely to be taken aback by visual impact that the site has on you. The home page itself has a multi-colored scheme (green and orange and white) and there is a lot of information that has been packed into it. In fact, instead of coming across as clustered and messy, it looks eclectic and demonstrates the range of things that Paddy Power has to offer to its clients.


The top part of the page includes things like the latest promotions and the highlights from the latest games or the market that is trending at the moment. Their betting odds, which is certainly not a small list, is interspersed with humorous and entertaining stories and updates, which makes the betting experience more entertaining and personal.

Another eye catcher on the page in the graphics that are constantly running down the right side of the page, which contains all the latest promotions, and it might be slightly distracting. However, despite all the elements that are going on in the site, it still manages to be helpful and instructive, and navigating through the website is relatively easy.

There are also rare additional options such as a blog, which is a very interesting part of the site, as well as the “coming up” section which includes the video clips from the exciting upcoming matches.  With the toolbar and the links and the shortcuts in place, Paddy Power, despite its overwhelming colors and burst of information manages to be one of the well-loved sites by the people who are into serious betting, with the element of fun and entertainment.

Customer Service: 9/10

This is also one of the reasons Paddy Power is loved by people everywhere. Despite the huge amount of information that is provided on the home page of the site itself, it is not difficult to find the customer care and help option. All you need to do is get in touch with their representatives with the information that has been provided to solve any doubts, problems or queries that you might have.

Paddy Power has an extensive and well organized help center, which operated 24×7, to assist customers and clients. One of the key features is the Live Support option, which allows you to chat with a representative directly, which is indeed very convenient. You can also avail the call back service, if you want the site to get in touch with you instead of you calling them yourself. All these features separates it from the rest of the sites, as it is pretty clear that paddy Power takes their customer care very, very seriously.

Paddy Power Contacts Info

Name: Paddy Power Website: E-Mail: Customer Services: 08000 565 275 Telephone Betting: 08000 565 265 Address: Paddy Power Holdings Limited, 1st Floor, 12-14 Ridgeway Street, Douglas, Isle of Man Post Code: IM11EN

Promotions and Free Bets: 10/10

When you are looking for special events promotions, there truly is no other parallel name in the industry to Paddy Powers. It is perhaps the feature for which they are best known, because they have maintained the reputation and have not ceased the policy of letting out frequent cash back offers, which are always favored by the people. Al you need to do to avail their offers, is visit their home page, where the latest offer that they are providing will be there is front, and you have to follow the instructions to get great cash back on huge and important sporting events all around the world. An example of their bonus include the famous Last Man Standing Competition, where you have to predict one football result per week, and in the event of a right guess, you have the chance of winning jackpots!


There are also exciting feature such as the ongoing Accumulator, which ensures that you win if you have bet on the winning side till half time. However, if that side starts to lose after the interval, then too you can get your money back and redeem it. When you first join the site, you are given a wonderful free bet of £50, to get your betting career started.

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