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Asian Betting Sites – Visit the Largest Betting Market

what are the decimal odds to play at betting sites in AsiaThis article is dedicated to Asian betting sites. It focuses on giving helpful information about how to recognise reputable operators where you can manage your bets, withdrawals and deposits securely and confidently. Today, the number of online sportsbooks in Asia keeps growing as there is economic growth in the region. Many international operators join local bookies to provide more options to the population and meet the increased demand for online gambling.

The Philippines is rapidly becoming South East Asia’s central area when it comes to the online betting industry. Although a number of offshore brands are regulated and licensed by Caribbean and European jurisdictions, it appears that the majority of them are also willing to get a license in the Philippines.

The term ‘Asian betting site’ refers to any bookmaker that provides its services on the continent; at times, it may also refer to an operator that provides football (soccer) handicap betting on the Asian bookies. Most of the betting sites in Asia are licensed and regulated in the Philippines. However, there are others that are located in the Isle of Man, which is a UK’s Crown Dependency. The regulatory body that provides these operators with licenses is the Gambling Supervision Commission in the Isle of Man.

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Truth be told, Asian gambling sites are perfect for the UK and European bettors as well. There are plenty of bookmakers that do their best to attract European players, for example, www.188bet.com. If you live in Asia, there are many reasons to go with local online bookmakers. In the first place, they provide banking options in your area; also, they support your currency, not to mention you are supposed to be familiar with the format of the betting odds that they offer.

Currencies on Betting Sites in Asia

why to use Asian currencies for betting onlineIf you are opening an account at an Asian online sportsbook, you can use the following currencies: Singapore Dollars (SGD), Malaysia Ringgit (MYR), Thailand Baht (THB), Vietnamese Dong (VND), Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), Hong Kong Dollars (HKD), Chinese Yuán Renminbi (RMB), United States Dollars (USD), European Union Euros (EUR) and Great Britain Pound (GBP). Interestingly, although online gambling operators support HKD and USD, they do not accept bettors from the United States or Hong Kong. The majority of sites don’t permit players from these countries for legal reasons, as well as Turkey, Italy and France. However, they offer their services to grey area residents like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and China.

How to Deposit At a Betting Site in Asia

You should know that the methods of depositing money online at Asian bookmakers usually vary from country to country. For example, bettors from Malaysia and Indonesia can use an ATM or online banking to deposit money – of course; they should have a bank account in the first place; punters in China can use a debit card. As for residents of Thailand, they have a multitude of options for depositing money, whereas in Vietnam they only have a couple of options like Western Union and Moneygram, although there may also be some local e-wallet available. Please, go to www.baokim.vn to learn more about the last option. To create an account on the site, just choose “Đăng ký”. E-wallets are also available in most of Europe, the UK and Singapore.

How to Cash out Your Winnings from an Asian Sportsbook

Undoubtedly, one thing that draws punters to Asian sportsbooks is the fact that they can withdraw their winnings quickly and easily. In most cases, players obtain the money they have won betting via a bank transfer, which takes just a day to process. This means that the money is available on the next day. And in most cases, it will appear as a cash deposit on the bank statement. That’s right, even though big brands have to serve a multitude of customers, they take the time to send an agent to your local bank to make the payment in the form of a cash deposit. This ensures anonymity.

Please note that most of the time you will be sent your winnings via the method you chose to fund your gambling account.

Odds Formats

what are the odds formats with Asian betting sitesAsian sports betting is a bit different from our sportsbooks guide. The major odds formats as follows: Malay Odds, Indonesia Odds, Hong Kong Odds and decimal odds (also known as European or Euro odds). It is important to note that the potential winnings are the same regardless of which odds format you go for. You are probably wondering why the need for different display options when the payout is the same? Well, this is necessary so that bettors are free to see the odds the way they are familiar with, i.e. in the format, they are used to playing with. In the following paragraphs, we will explain every format we mentioned above.

  • Decimal Odds: When it comes to this type of odds on the Asian sportsbooks, it is important to remember that they are always presented using positive numbers, and they are normally displayed using decimals. They show the total return that will be paid for every staked unit (stake + win) if a ticket turns out to be winning. For instance, if you have odds of 1.91, this means that to win $0.91, you need to stake $1.00. Basically, 0.91 is the money you could win if you staked that 1.00.
  • Hong Kong Odds: Probably the simplest odds. Again, they are presented using positive numbers, and more often than not displayed using decimals. They serve to show you how much you will be paid for every wagered unit in addition to your stake. Take for instance, 0.710. What this means is that $0.710 will be paid to you for every $1.00 risked as part of the winnings. If you have 2.340 odds, for every $1.00 risked, you will get your stake plus $2.34 as part of the winnings. This is an underdog.
  • Indonesian Odds: If you have dealt with American betting odds in the past, this may seem quite familiar to you. This is because both odds formats are pretty much the same; the only difference is that when it comes to American odds, there are three digits, whereas, with Indonesian odds, it is just one digit – e.g. -250 equals -2.50 (American vs. Indonesian) or +134 equals 1.34 (American vs. Indonesian). If you are wondering what these negative odds mean as far as Indonesian odds, here is the answer – this serves to show how much you have to risk if you want to win a unit. Basically, in order to win $1.00, you must risk $3.45. If the odds are positive, this serves to show how much you will get on one unit stake as part of the winnings – e.g. you can win $1.43 if you risk $1.00 for odds of +1.430.
  • Malay Odds: If you live outside South East Asia, you probably are not familiar with this format of odds. The numbers can be either positive or negative, and they are never higher than 1. With other types of odds, the negatives are called favourites, and the positives are called underdogs, however, when it comes to Malay odds, the negatives are underdogs, and the positives are favourites. Negative odds show how much players must risk to win. For example, to win 1, a bettor has to risk $0.75 when the odds are -0.750. Positive odds show how much a player will win. For instance, if they want to win $0.67 when the odds are 0.670, one must risk 1.

do you know the payout for betting in Asia onlineAs we mentioned above, the payout at betting sites in Asia is always going to be the same regardless of what format of odds you use. For example, 1.90 in decimal odd format equals 0.90 in Malay odds, -1.111 in Indonesian odds and 0.90 in Hong Kong odds. As you can see, the odds are displayed differently but they mean the same thing, that’s why the payouts are going to be the same. If this gets you confused, no worries. Regardless of which Asian online bookie you choose to go for, you will be able to see all the information about the odds you need before you confirm your bet. You will be revealed how much you will get if you win and you will also be shown how much you risk on a confirmation screen. If you feel that something is wrong on the screen, it never hurts to cancel confirmation and give it a try later on. We also have an odds calculator free of charge to help you calculate your odds no matter what type of site or odds format you are using.

Benefits of Gambling Sites in Asia

We already mentioned some of the benefits of using sportsbooks on the sportsbooks in Asia: odds formats that residents are familiar with, betting currencies that Asian residents regularly use, free bets available to inhabitants of the UK, as well as quick and easy payouts. In addition to this, there are other advantages of placing bets at a sportsbook in Asia, such as Asian handicaps, live betting, superior odds, as well as odds provided for smaller markets.

  • Better Odds – A number of sportsbooks in Asia have lower margins than bookmakers in Europe. For instance, 10/11 odds are often available at UK operators (it means that if you want to win 10, you need to risk 11), whereas you can often come across 20/21 odds at Asian bookmakers (it means that in order to win 21 you must risk 20).
  • Live Betting – You will be surprised to find a multitude of markets and odds on in-play football betting at typical gambling sites in Asia. In fact, more often than not there are more markets and odds than North American or European online betting operators.
  • Asian Handicaps – This type of betting is more common in football. This is different than the 1×2 betting, which is traditional for this type of sport. With this type of betting, in order to make the odds closer to even money (2.0) and to reduce or eliminate tie, they add a handicap. ¼ goal increment is sometimes used in Asian handicaps. For instance, if there was a handicap that says 00. / -0.5 (i.e. ¼ goals) and you placed a $1,000 bet on the favourite, this would be the same as placing a $500 bet on -0.5 and $500.00 on -0.0. Usually, a low vigorish is offered for Asian handicaps, and this is one of the best benefits.
  • Small Markets – So far soccer markets like UEFA Champions League Football, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga and English Premier League are the most popular markets available at bookmakers in Asia. Be it as it may, you will also discover a number of competitions held in Asia and small markets that are difficult to find such as Indian field hockey. Also, other smaller markets are available at these sportsbooks, which will leave you wondering how all this is possible. Be sure to check out 188bet.com and the different sports leagues it offers to get an idea of what we mean.

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Online Betting in Asia: Sports

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More about Asian Betting Sites

One of the largest betting markets on a global scale is Asia, the reason being it has a large population. Along with that, it is also a field that is going through plenty of changes. That’s why it is important for anyone interested in placing their bets on the Asian betting market to learn more about it ahead of time.

do all sports at the asian betting market have different oddsIn the first place, it is important to know that betting sites in Asia offer a plethora of sports to their customers, which vary depending on the national and regional markets. They offer coverage of both international and national/regional markets, paying attention to local events.

For instance, cricket is one of the most popular sports in India, whereas baseball is a craze in Korea and Japan. What is more, the Asian betting sites also cover tennis and golf. Of course, it should be noted that the coverage of North American sports in Asia is not the same as that in Europe. However, there is comprehensive coverage of NHL hockey, NBA basketball, Major League Baseball, and NFL football.

When it comes to betting option, you should know that sportsbooks in Asia offer a number of betting options, including but not restricted to Live In-Play betting, props wagering, futures, total goal betting, handicap betting, three-way betting.

As compared to British and European betting sites, horse racing does not receive a comprehensive coverage at sportsbooks in Asia. Be it as it may, the majority of offshore brands provide day-to-day coverage of North America, Europe and UK tracks, so they somehow fill the void.

Last but not least, there is a variety of promotions and deposit bonuses for Asian bettors provided by local brands so they can try their luck.

It is important to have the ability to discern the legitimate bookies from the shady ones.

are the promotions at the Asian betting sites legal There is a brands patchwork on the Asian market, which serve customers and meet their needs. Because of that, normally, gambling sites in Asia are regulated on a national or local level by the related authorities. As we already mentioned above, a central hub for regulation and licensing and the most preferred jurisdiction in Asia has become the Philippines. A wide range of successful foreign brands operate in the Philippines.

In addition, other countries in Asia are willing to embrace policies as well, which will help them provide better regulation of gambling sites in the cyberspace. This is an ongoing process, but the countries seem to be working hard to obtain the desired results.

The web market for Asian bookmakers is serviced not only by local operators, but also by international brands, which are very reputable and successful all over the world. Needless to say, they are regulated and licensed in the area they are headquartered by the authorities of the given country. Of course, you should keep in mind that even though a given gambling site has a license, it doesn’t mean that it will act ethically. This is why you should also be looking for a sportsbook that has operated on the market for a long time, say years. You should know that operators that are unfair don’t manage to run their business that long. Sooner or later, they cease operation. In contrast, the top betting sites know that it takes hard work, commitment and persistence to make a name for oneself. That’s why it takes time to gain reputation.

Finally, the customer service of a sportsbook speaks volumes about a given operator. Proof that the site you are dealing with is legitimate is an easy-to-reach customer staff. If your questions are answered quickly and fully, if you can contact the agents 24/7, this is a good sign.

Other Countries

Asians frequently travel to the USA to gamble, why don’t you read about the country’s laws before you go on vacation?

Betting By Country


In this article, we talked about why Asian betting sites are a great alternative to large brands in Europe and especially the United Kingdom like Ladbrokes, William Hill and Bet365. To recap, the gambling sites in Asia offer more markets for live betting and pre-match, have quick payouts and better odds. The truth is, online portals don’t promote Asian operators as legit counterparts to European bookmakers because Asian sportsbooks don’t offer affiliate programs. Now that you have reached the end of this post, you already know that betting sites in Asia are a great pick not only for Asian bettors but also for everyone else around the world, especially the UK and other European countries.

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