Top Bookmaker Offers in the UK – Claim your Free Bet or Sign Up Bonus

Down below, we will talk about the best betting bonuses available online. You need to know that they are an important feature of each online bookmaker. The reason for this is that the competition among betting sites is so severe that they need to entice customers into betting on their websites. One way to do this is by offering promotions, as this is what seems to intrigue punters who are looking to have some fun. Hence, the more tempting offers a bookmaker has the bigger the chances of punters registering on their sites.

Usually, the Welcome Bonus is the first thing that users notice. The reason it is such a popular feature is that it helps increase the play credit and improve the play time. Aside from the sign-up bonus, there also are other tempting online betting offers, such as price boosts, money-back specials and other deals. This page aims to provide further details about the best bonuses being offered in the cyberspace. We hope it can help you get your hands on the bookmakers that best fit your needs.

Bonus Types – Most Popular Ones Available on The Internet

The following section is going to be dealing with the most popular types of best bonuses that are on offer at some of the best online bookmakers. Here you can learn in what way you can claim those promotions.

  • Deposit bonus – To date, deposit bonuses are not that widespread, but we do recommend you try them. In most cases, if you get a deposit bonus, your deposit cash will be doubled. So, you will eventually play with £20 if you decide to deposit £10. The free money that comes with this kind of bonus can be used over a long period and on multiple wagers. This seems to be the best thing about this type of promotion.
  • Free Bets –  Most of the welcome bonuses available online come as free bets. The name implies that it is not your cash that you use to play, rather it is money provided by the bookmaker itself. Most of the time the bookies check your first wager and take that amount, then they provide you with a token for free, which is of the same value. Before you can use your free bet, you must meet the requirements as stated by the bookmaker in question.

Bookies can split a bonus offer into two free bets! At times online betting sites decide to split the bonus, offering two free bets at a time. An example of this is the old welcome bonus of William Hill. The operator used to have two free bets, both of which amounted to £10. Today, they offer a single bet that amounts to £25. Anyway, you are less glikely to come across two bets, as most bookies offer just one piece.

The sports betting bonuses provided in the form of free bets are available at BetVictor and Ladbrokes. The former offers a £25 bet, and the latter provides a £50 bet. Clearly, Ladbrokes is at an advantage as far as the bet amount is concerned. When it comes to BetVictor, there are no minimum bet restrictions (meaning that even if you bet 5 pence, they will double it!) and the free bet has a greater validity time.

Our list of Best Betting Offers picked for You!

Bookmaker Bonus Amount Min. Dep. Rating Visit
N/A n/a N/A 9.6 /10 Join Now
100% £50 £0.1 9.3 /10 Join Now
50% £200 £1 9.0 /10 Join Now

* T&C’s apply. Click on Join Now for details.

How to Tell Good Bonuses Apart From Bad Ones

If you are a relatively new punter, you might be wondering how to tell the differnce between legit offers and scammy ones. We have created a small guide with the most important factors you have to take into consideration before making the final decision.

Wagering Requirements

When you are browsing the internet, you will come across a bookie offering a massive sum of money with no strings attached, so you think that it is too good to be true. Well, unfortunately, this turns out to be the case most of the times. When a bookie offers you a big bonus, you have to be careful and read the wagering requirements you have to fulfil before you can cash out your winnings. This is the amount of times you have to bet the funds before you can withdraw. For example, a bookie offers you £100, but you have to wager it 20 or 30 times before you can take your winnings. This is not fair at all, this is why our recommended list consists of only bookmakers that have reasonable wagering requirements.

Qualifying Bets

Find qualifying bets which will suit you best! When you are thinking about which bonus will suit you best, it is important to think which of the offers are actually applicable. For example, when you are dealing with free bets, the bookie will specify that the offer has to be placed on odds of 1/1 or above, while other might set it higher. Many bookies will only let specific types of bets to qualify for bonuses by not including pool bets and tote ones.

Expiry Date

There are cases in which the bonus amount of the offer is less important than the time in which you are allowed to use it. A bookie might offer a massive sum as a free bet like £1000, but you will have only 2 days to roll it over 5 times. This is why we only recommend bookmakers who give you at least a week before the bonus expires.

Bonus Amount

There is no doubt that the total amount of the offer is crucial when choosing the best one for you. You are probably thinking that the best bonus for you is the one that offers you the biggest amount of money. However, this certainly is not the best way in which to make such a decision. Keep in mind that free bets often come in the form of a deposit bonus, which means that the bookie will pay you back a free bet, which will be worth the same value as your initial deposit up to a specified amount. This is why you should consider how much you want to wager before you think how much you might win.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Nowadays, you would expect every leading bookie to support every popular payment method, so you can choose the one that best suits your preferences. It does not matter if debit and credit cards are commonly used, we do not think that they are enough. Bookies should offer you a variety of pre-paid cards, transfers and e-wallets. After all, some people prefer alternative payment options. However, this does not concern only the deposits, but the withdrawals as well. Only the bookies which allow bettors to use an extensive variety of payment methods were considered for our list of recommendations.

Promotions which Offer The Money-back Option

Betting sites that feature a money-back option! This kind of promotions are frequently updated. The top bookmakers provide refunds for a variety of things, for example, if your horse loses by a head or if during a game, some player scores. You have to know that these offers, as numerous as they are, work pretty much the same way. If your bet does not win and providing that you meet the conditions of the bonus, you will get a free bet that equals the amount of money you have deposited when placing the bet.

One of the bookmakers that have an array of money-back offers is Paddy Power. Another operator that boosts refunds is William Hill. Bore Draw Insurance, Goalscorer 2nd chance and ACCA Insurance are the three football promotions you can enjoy. They will refund your loss if no goal is scored during the entire game, if the goal scorer you have chosen gets the game’s second, instead of the first, or if you get disappointed by the accumulator by one leg, respectively.

Offers Available for Mobile Customers

As surprising as it sounds, there are not so many best bonuses for mobile phones as one would expect. Of our featured bookmakers, just one provides mobile offers. If you think that it is because it wants to popularise mobile betting, you guessed it.

Another offer worth mentioning is the Instabet app provided by BetVictor. It is not really a bonus offer, but it is worth checking out. It gives you the opportunity to place different types of bets on enhanced prices as long as different sporting events are concerned.

Best Betting Bonuses for Loyalty

Compared to online casinos, online betting sites do not offer as many loyalty bonuses. And yet, you may be entitled such a bonus if you use a given bookmaker long enough. You need to know that there are no rules for getting a loyalty bonus and it is not listed anywhere at online bookies. In fact, you may get it as a gift, totally out of the blue, if, say, you have not bet on a given betting site for a long time, and they just want to coax you into resuming your games.

Special Bonuses Available by Sport

Horse racing and football are undoubtedly the markets that get most of the punters’ attention, both at land-based betting shops and in the cyberspace. So, it is no surprise that they offer a number of Best Bonuses. Continue reading to find out which promotions are the best pick.

  • First-timers get 100% Cash with Betfair – Betfair offers innovative approach. One of the greatest features it has is its in-play cash out. Having that bonus allows you to lock in your profits by closing the bet live. This promotion is not restricted to football. The bonus is given on the first successful withdrawal. With it, you can get up to £25. For this to happen, you must have three selections or more on your ACCA.
  • Which online bookmaker offers enhanced odds for bonuses? Ladbrokes offers enhanced odds – Ladbrokes does not have so many regular bonus offers, but it does offer enhanced prices each and every day, which are available for the top football games. The bargains are really good and you should make sure to check them out as soon as possible.
  • Horse Racing – The gambling culture in the UK has offered horse races for hundreds of years. Nowadays, aside from land-based bookies, there also are online betting sites. Almost every bookmaker provides punters with the opportunity to watch online all of the races which are available within the country, as well as participate in the betting. Check out the best deals below.
Bonus percentage depending on the number of sections
Bet Type Bonus
Trebles 5% Bonus
4-folds 10% Bonus
5-folds 10% Bonus
6-folds 20% Bonus
7-folds 30% Bonus
8-folds 40% Bonus
9-folds 50% Bonus
10-folds 60% Bonus
11-folds 70% Bonus
12-folds 90% Bonus
14-folds 90% Bonus
15-folds 100% Bonus

Best Odds Guaranteed Available at Some Bookmakers

Since competition is severe, operators often go the extra mile to attract more punters. “Best odds guaranteed” is an offer which aims to get more customers. It is available at Ladbrokes. Other betting sites offer this promotion as well. The offer means that higher odds will be paid to you if you place a bet and the SP gets bigger. The bonus applies to any race, no matter if multiples, singles, board prices or early prices.

Requirements about playing and wagering

As tempting as the best betting bonuses are, you need to understand that operators’ goal is to keep you engaged rather than to help you win money. Hence, the money that they provide through their special bonus offers cannot be withdrawn instantly. Instead, users have to play through as many times as the terms and conditions state. In other words, before you can cash out your winnings, you need to meet the different requirements which operators have.

These are known as play-through or wagering requirements and vary from promotion to promotion. When it comes to free bets, in most cases there is a minimum of odds on which you can place your bet. As far as deposit bonuses are concerned, you have to play at least three times, ideally, before you can cash out your winnings.

If you want to know more about the wagering requirements of each operator, you should check their terms and conditions separately. It is much easier to meet the requirements in sports betting than those in online casinos where there might be x40 terms.

Finding the Right Bonus Feels Like You’re in a Jungle

Do you know how finding the right bonus works? Welcome to the jungle, we have free bets and offers. The truth is that there is a lot of competition in sports betting, there are a tonne of sites, and all of them are fighting viciously for your money. This is why each of them tries to give the best betting bonus.

So, looking for the right offer might feel exactly like you are in a jungle, and you are the prey. And we understand that because we have been there too. That is why we believe in providing helpful advice for both beginners and veterans in the amazing world of sportsbetting.

Another factor that shows that sportsbetting is a thriving business is the influx of television ads promoting free bets and bookmakers by interrupting every single sporting event. This may be annoying, but it is not necessarily a bad thing.

You do not need to leave your home to place bets anymore. This is the best thing about the growth of this business. You can literally sit at home on your couch in front of the TV and place bets. Moreover, if you think that your bet might lose, you can cash-out your winnings before the event ends.

However, this still does not change the fact that we are in the middle of a gambling revolution since so many new bookmakers are popping up and creating a deadly minefield for the inexperienced.

This is why we at take care of every important feature, and one of them is sports betting bonuses. We will not simply tell you which sites offer the best promotions, but we will explain to you how to use them in a way to maximise your winnings.

Questions and Answers Regarding Sports Betting Bonuses

This section is about the most frequently asked questions about the best bonuses. It provides information about eligibility, as well as some of the situations that you might face when dealing with promotions.

  • Q: How can I tell that a bonus offer is worthwhile?

  • How to check if the promotional offer is worthwhile? A: It is not easy to answer this question. Overall, it depends on your personal preferences, including both your betting habits and what you are expecting to get from the given bonus altogether. For instance, some people love the ‘Win or Lose’ bonus types, and others are tempted by deposit bonuses because they give them freedom. On the other end of the spectrum, other punters are interested in the terms and conditions that this bonus is packaged with or the bonus amount they can get.

    Since we do not know what you desire, we have put together a graph, which contains more information about the welcome offers in our featured betting websites, so that you can make an informed decision. You can find it above.

  • Am I entitled to get a Welcome Bonus twice or thrice?

  • A: No, unfortunately, you are not. The welcome bonuses are given away just once and are limited to newcomers. It is important to understand that only one person per household can take advantage of the sign-up offers. When you are signing up, you will be asked to enter your personal details, including your telephone number and physical address, so it is not possible for any of your family members to get a welcome bonus if you already have an account at a given betting site. Be it as it may, you can always create accounts at different betting sites and take advantage of sign up offers for best bonuses. On this page we offer a couple of operators that are worth your while, so be sure to check them out.

  • Q: Where can I use my sign-up bonus? Is there a restriction on the markets I can bet?

  • A: More often than not you can use your welcome bonus on all in-play and pre-match markets, unless, of course, the given operator has stated otherwise. The best way to go is to read carefully the terms and conditions of the website you want to bet at.

  • Q: Are the best bonuses age-restricted?

  • A: Yes. Only individuals who are 18 years of age or above can use the promotions provided by bookmakers. The same rule applies to registration. Keep in mind that you cannot place bets if you are 16 years of age, as this is not the National Lottery or something.

  • Q: What if I am a UK citizen living outside of the United Kingdom? Can I still take advantage of the best sign up bonus betting?

  • A: Unfortunately, you cannot. All of the promotions are restricted to UK-based individuals only. This includes all residents in Ireland and Great Britain. Nationality does not matter as long as you are situated within the United Kingdom. In other words, unless they go back to their homeland, UK citizens who live abroad shall not be allowed to take advantage of the promotions.

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