Best Mobile Betting Apps Available on the Market for 2018

In this article, you will find relevant information about the best betting apps in the UK. The country has embraced mobile phones for the past decade. It turns out that citizens own more than 62 million devices. In comparison, the population of the country amounts to no more than 60 million. Quite a surprise! Aside from smartphones, British people also use Android tablets, iPads and other gadgets.

Their number has increased for the last few years. In five years’ time, every family will own a tablet or another similar device. This has caused many betting sites to create a mobile version of their sites. Also, they offer special apps to ease mobile betting. Our mission is to show you the best betting apps that circulate the web.

We took the time to explore all the betting app offers. We considered what would make an app great. And figured out that it is layout, accessibility, the ability to place a bet as fast as possible with a few touches. We found out that all the apps have both advantages and disadvantages. For example, some apps offer good bonuses, and others are more suitable for football betting than other sports. The competition was severe as all the featured betting operators offer great apps. At the end of the day, we concluded that the best betting app belongs to bet365’s mobile app.

What is so Great About the Best Betting Apps?

The criteria we used when reviewing the apps were based on the things we know are important to you. These include extra features, usability and quality. This is why we provide you with the most important information about the functionality and the operating systems that the best betting appssupport.

Bookmaker Availability Bonus Rating Visit
Bet365 Mobile App
Mobile Site Android App iOS App n/a 9.8 /10 Join now
Mobile Site Android App Windows Phone App £50 9.5 /10 Join now
10Bet Mobile App
Mobile Site Android App iOS App £200 9.0 /10 Join now

* T&C’s apply. Click on Join Now for details.

We recommend you to check our bookies review section where we have provided detailed information about every app. One of the things that matter the most is compatibility. How would you feel if you discovered that your mobile device does not support the mobile app you want to run? You would be frustrated. Not to worry, you will not experience any problems with the apps that we covered on this page. We guarantee it.

Choose wisely when it comes to mobile apps for internet betting! When it comes to applications for online betting, it does not matter whether you are into Android or you have an iPhone. The best betting apps are available for both types of users and are very easy to access. They can work on other platforms with touchscreens such as Nokia Lumia and Playbook as well.

Bonus offers, especially welcome ones, have become a mandatory feature. Thus, users take them for granted and are no longer tempted by them. But, the promotions available on the best betting apps are a different story. A few operators provide special bonuses, which you can use only if you are a mobile user. Please, refer to the mobile review for more details.

Then again, if the given app does not meet your needs, then it does not matter how many promotions it comes with. Apps allow you to place bets fast and without any effort. This is why app features and navigation are essential. We assure you that all our reviews are honest and unbiased. Moreover, they provide both the pros and cons of all the apps we feature.

Top Applications sorted by Features

People these days become more accustomed to betting on the go. This is why bookies create apps to meet the demand for quick and easy betting using mobile devices. Those apps are great for small-screen devices. They are also perfect if you are in a rush.

Which operator dominates the markets? The table below will show you who has the biggest share of the market as far as the best betting apps are concerned. You can also find which operating systems are more popular.

In short, we aim to give you an overview of the best features of the mobile betting applications. That way you will be able to pick the best one for you.

What is the top football betting app?

If you adore football, opt for Bet365. Its app is unmatched. The odds it provides are amazing. Although the animations and colours are not so fancy, you will find the app very useful. InstaBet, which provides enhanced odds, which you should not miss.

List of the Best Betting Apps

  1. Bet365
  2. 10bet
  3. Stan James
  4. Betvictor
  5. William Hill
  6. Ladbrokes

Bonuses apps

If you enjoy welcome bonuses, you cannot imagine how easy it is to claim them using the best betting apps. On that note, Ladbrokes offers excellent promotions. All new members of both the desktop version and the mobile app are entitled to get a free bet, the sum of which can reach £25. Plus, the app has a neat layout and is easy to navigate. Generally, you need about three taps to start betting on the site, and it does not matter what type of device you use.

Betting Apps for Live Streaming

Come and find the top gambling apps for live streaming! When it comes to in-play betting, we should say that one of the bookmakers offers an unmatched service. We are talking about Bet365. Its mobile version is just as good as its desktop version. Using one of the best betting apps, you can enjoy all the features available on the full website. Find what you are searching for is a relative breeze. A high-quality stream, a live bet or a withdrawal feature? No worries, you can easily locate them on the app.

Coral is our last suggestion. Its biggest advantage is that the app has all the features of the bookie, which are available on the desktop version of the site. Also, it is compatible with Apple, Android, and it can even run on Windows, BlackBerry and other mobile devices. A bet of at least £1 will enable you to watch live streaming via your phone. So, if you thought that Coral does not offer anything special, you should have a close look at its mobile version.

Am I required to use an app to place bets through my mobile?

You do not have to install any apps because you can access an operator’s website via your smartphone or tablet. The site will recognise your device automatically, and the page will optimise itself. But, it is best to use the app because it is especially designed for your phone and it makes your betting experience better. A few taps will allow you to place bets instantly using your device. If you want to use an app, make sure to read our Q&A about Android apps.

Why Waste Time? Use Qr Codes!

QR codes are becoming very popular worldwide particularly when using betting apps. In Japan, they are but a phenomenon. As for the UK, the new trend is taking over in the island country. But what does QR code stand for and is it important? There are people unaware of this betting term.

The name QR is short for Quick Response. In a nutshell, a QR code contains important information about a given service or product. Users can access that information by scanning the code with their mobile devices. They do not have to enter any characters. It is much faster and easier. Imagine a QR code as a barcode, which has plenty of details about a given product. Barcodes cannot have more than 30 characters. Each number is unique in and of itself. It serves to identify a product. It contains details about it, as in weight, price and much more.

Is it important for punters to know how to read QR codes? So now you may be wondering how you can read this QR code. The answer is pretty simple. You need a special app. The app will only work if your device has a camera. QR readers are free of charge, and you can download them from app stores, supported by your phone. When the installation finishes, run the app, point your phone towards the code, and wait for it to scan it. When the job is done, your device will vibrate, and a link will be provided on the screen. You may decide not to visit it if you do not want to.

All in all, QR codes serve to help you find more information about a service, company or product. Be sure to give it a try. Make sure to scan the QR code we provide here to see what we are talking about.

Betting on Various Devices

There is an application for everything from casino games to sports betting. Even though most operators focus on Android and iOS products because of the overwhelming popularity of these devices. But there some applications that work on devices like BlackBerry and Windows. It is not simply the different sizes of their screens that must be taken into account. Different types of devices run on various operating systems, and the application has to be designed to work for the specified OS.

Betting on Android Devices

In spite of what you might have been led to think by the almighty Apple marketing scheme, the fact of the matter is that Android is the most used OS on mobile devices. Each of the best betting sites has created an app for Android gadgets. The most popular brands that use this operating system include Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, Motorola, Asus, Huawei, Alcatel, HTC, LG, Acer, Philips, HP, BenQ, Toshiba, Panasonic, ZTE, Dell, Micromax, Fujitsu, Sharp, NEC, InFocus and Oppo. You have most likely never heard of most of these brands since they are only sold in several countries. There are a tonne more manufacturers that are not popular enough to be mentioned here.

Betting on Apple Devices

The second most popular OS for phones, tablets and smartwatches is the iOS. If your device is made by Apple it uses this operating system. Every major betting site has an app for iPhone and iPad. There are only a several operators that support the Apple watch, and the features are very limited. It is only used to receive alerts and keep you up to date on events and bets.

Betting on Windows Devices

Are there gamblers who like to wager on Windows Devices? The market share for devices that run on Windows like Microsoft Surface and Nokia Lumia is very small. It is increasing as more devices start using it, but there is not much support from developers, as not a lot of them make apps for this OS. The best betting app for Windows is created by Bet365, which is no surprise. There are several other betting sites which offer support for this OS, and a lot more will come soon. But this is not a top priority for developers since these tablets and phones are not popular.

But, if your favourite betting site does not offer an app for Windows devices, you should not bet worried, since you can use their mobile site. There will be less functionality from an app, but it is something right?

Betting on BlackBerry

It is possible to run Android apps on the newest BlackBerry phones like Priv and DTEK50, since 2015. This means that if you own one of the latest Blackberry devices, you will be able to use every app on the Amazon Android store and Google Play. This new partnership between brands will result in a decline to exclusive apps for BlackBerry. Thus, when your favourite site has an Android application, it will work on your Blackberry phone too.

Regulations and Legality in a Nutshell

If you are reading this, you are most likely wondering if it is legal to gamble online. Well, if you are located in the United Kingdom, you are in for a treat. Here, online gambling is completely legal. This means that you can play slots and casino games, bingo, poker and even bet on all sorts of events like sports and politics. You can win real money in every major currency and even Bitcoin! Almost every major payment provider is accepted like e-wallets and credit cards. Yet, each operator has its own rules on which payments they use.

It is not legal for people under 18 years to gamble. The trustworthy and licensed sites that work in the UK will go through various checks to make sure that their users are adults. In case the identity or age of any of their customers cannot be confirmed, the operators are legally obligated to withhold the funds in their users’ accounts, and they will not be paid any winnings or be refunded.

To serve Brits, the sites that offer any form of online gambling must have a license from the UKGC. If you have any doubts about a specific operator, you can search the GC’s public register to make sure that the said website is authorised to serve British users. If the said operator does not hold such a license, they are offering services to users in the United Kingdom illegally. This means that if something goes wrong, you will have no recourse or legal rights. So, if you decide to do business with an unlicensed website, you will be on your own, and no one will be able to help you in case of any disputes.

If you are approached with an offer of a betting system which is foolproof, they are trying to scam you. This is a popular scheme, and many fraudsters collected over £200k from innocent Brits, before being caught and prosecuted. This scam can come in different forms. A lot of them rely on making you pay a subscription fee or to transfer money to a man on the inside. Do not trust anyone who wants you to give them money. They are travelling and taking holidays with your hard-earned money. In reality, there are no guaranteed betting schemes. If anyone is actually as good as they say they are, they will not need to take your money.

You Want All the Sports Apps on Your Mobile – There is Nothing to Worry About

Would you like all the apps for sports bets on your mobile? If you want to get all the best betting apps on your smartphone, you can do so, but it takes a few more steps. If you have Android 4.0 on your device or a newer version, go to Security found in the Settings section of your phone. Click on Unknown services. That way you can install apps from unknown sources, which means outside the Store.

Under the Unknown sources, you will find the Verify apps section. Not all devices have it, though, so it depends on your phone. If you turn it on, you will be warned when a malicious app is about to get installed. That way you can protect your phone against malware software. If your Android device has an earlier version, all you need to do is locate the Applications option. You can find it in Settings, go to Unknown sources and turn it on.

Since you cannot use the Google Play Store to find apps, you need to locate the app you need using a different source. In every review we provide on our site, you can see the specific steps you need to take to get the app of your choosing. The steps are pretty similar.

Applications, which are paid but appear to be free of charge

You definitely want to avoid those since they may be malicious. In other words, they may contain viruses and steal data from your phone. You should even avoid this kind of apps on Google Play. As a general rule, it does not check app submissions before authorising them. This means that you can get malware even on the Google Play store.

GetJar was launched in 2004. Generally speaking, it is a mobile application, which boasts a wide range of apps. Since the beginning, more than 2.5 billion apps were downloaded from GetJar by over 15 million people.

Questions And Answers About The Best Mobile Apps

The following section aims to provide further information about the topics that were not discussed above. If you still have any questions after reading this section, we urge you to contact us or get in touch with us via the social media by clicking on the Twitter and Facebook icons, located at the page’s footer.

  • Q: Am I allowed to install as many betting apps as I wish?

  • How many applications for betting on the go can you install? A: Yes, you may have more than one of the best betting apps on your device if you wish. There are no limits except for the storage space that your mobile phone provides. Of course, the size of these apps is very small, so there is nothing to worry about.

    For example, our team has equipped themselves with every available betting app, and we can assure you that they work. Based on the market they are interested in, they often rotate those apps for their own convenience. We recommend you to pick BetVictor or William Hill. If you love football, you might be willing to check the odds that Victor has.

  • Q: Will using betting apps allow me to claim free bets?

  • A: We assure you that every bookmaker mentioned on our page offers deposit bonuses or free bets through their apps. The only requirement is that you register on the given website and fund your account. Feel free to have a look at our Home page where we have a table showing the different bonuses our featured bookies tend to give away. And while you are on it, don’t forget to see if these bonuses come with certain requirements or terms and conditions.

  • Q: Do the apps support all the markets?

  • A: It varies from bookmaker to bookmaker. Some operators cover only a few markets, whereas others cover all the markets. More information about this can be accessed on our mobile reviews for every operator.

  • Q: Do all the apps have a minimum deposit?

  • A: £5 is the smallest deposit of all bookmakers. Perhaps the reason for this is that they want to prevent the charges that banks may incur. Yet, the smallest bet is usually different for every operator. For example, some bookies require punters to bet at least £3. The amount may vary depending on different factors, for example their mood or stuff like that.

  • Q: I need to find apps which feature live cash out.

  • A: Paddy Power and Bet365 are the bookmakers that provide the option to cash out your money before the end of the event. In that case, it does not matter what the results are. Keep in mind that if you do not cash out, the odds will be lower.

  • Q: Are all the bonuses, on the Desktop of the site, available on the mobile version?

  • A: Not only are they available, but there also are some extra promotions. There are no catches: the operators benefit from these best betting apps bonuses as well. Among the bonuses, there are ones which give you free cash. The goal is to make you a return customer. Moreover, there are some special offers available only for mobile devices.

  • Q: How about bet exchange apps? Are there any of the sort?

  • A: As you know, the Internet offers just about everything. So, yes, there are bet exchange apps too. Because we want to help you get the most out of online betting, we do not recommend you use some fishy overseas operators. We recommend you to stick with Ladbrokes, as they offer the bet exchange option, and they are tried-and-tested. We assure you that their services are legal and worthwhile. Plus, you can place bets using your mobile device, as well as your tablet.

  • Q: Which app is recommended to use for iPhone

  • A: Almost all apps are made equal, so they can run just as good on your iPhone or any other smartphone you own. It is all about your personal preferences. If you love money-back specials or other fancy stuff, you will find Paddy Power intriguing. But, if you are into live betting, Bet365 will be your best pick(geo-restrictions apply & funded account or bet placed in last 24 hours required). The best thing to do is to read our reviews on the best betting apps available on our page, and go for the one that suits your preferences best. You can register at more than one bookie, so do not limit yourself.

  • Q: What about Android-running devices? Which is the best app for them?

  • A: As they say, different strokes for different folks. Things that you like might equal boredom to someone else and vice versa. This is why it is difficult to tell which apps will be better for Android users.

    Yet, you might love the free bet available at William Hill. But it is limited only to Gingerbread, Jellybean and Donut versions. Consider trying this bookie, as it offers a user-friendly interface and nice layout.

  • Q: What apps do you recommend for Blackberry & Windows Mobile?

  • A: Unfortunately, when it comes to the best mobile betting apps, Blackberry and Windows Mobile users are not provided with such a wide range as Android and iPhone customers. Yet, you can still go for the mobile version of your preferred bookie. We suggest you try Ladbrokes because they have made placing bets very easy. You only need a few touches and you are done. Most of the time, it takes only three taps to get the job done, and that seems pretty fast. If you are in a rush to place a bet, this is the best option so far.

  • Q: I do not wish to use the mobile site, I want to opt for an Android app.

  • A: As surprising as it seems, betting apps are not allowed by Google. Thus, they are not available on the Google Play App Store. Be it is as it may, you can still enjoy the Apple Store if you wish. Google reveal that they do not want to facilitate gambling online in any way. Thus, they do not allow such services or content on their App store. This includes lotteries, sports betting, online casinos and much more.

  • Q: Okay, but is it safe to get betting apps from unknown sources?

  • A: Android users are often sent to, which is an authorised app store. It has different terms and conditions from those of Google Play. Some bookmakers such as Paddy Power are not hesitant to refer their users to the platform. So, if an operator recommends an app, then there is nothing to worry about. Of course, we recommend you to turn off the Unknown service option once you install the desired app.

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