Can Arsenal Compete for the Title?

Can Arsenal Compete for the Premier League Title?

Typically, one-third of the Premier League narrative is straightforward. Usually one of the established clubs separates from the pack and carries on winning until the end. However, I suppose that most of you will ask “What about Leicester City?”  This is a salient point, but let’s face it, we have to agree that this year the campaign was quite off. By now the enormous losses obtained by bookies has gone down into sports betting history.

This Premier League season started with the campaign which was supposed to be focused completely on Manchester City. Let’s not forget that they scooped up the most wanted manager in Pep Guardiola. However, their last games were quite less than flawless.

We are not to saying that they will not win the title. It would be premature to dismiss City so early in the next campaign. The Bookies maintain the Sky Blues as their favourite, they are currently priced at 2.75 odds, quite ahead of Chelsea 3.50 as well as Liverpool at 4.00. It is a bit funny how ahead they are of Arsenal 9.00 and Tottenham 17.00.

The obvious factor even to the neutral football fan is how packed of a house it is at the top. Theoretically, each of the teams has a shot at the title. This includes Arsenal. However, bookies appear a bit hasty in writing them off. How can they say that Arsenal is trailing by three points and do not have a shot better than the odds?

Whatever is the reason behind this betting outlook is not the point. The point is, for the Gunners’ fans, this amounts to a value wager, one to be made now before the odds shorten.

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