Doublelift joined Team Liquid until the end of the split

Why did Doublelift join Team Liquid?

The legendary Attack Damage Carry Yiliang Doublelift Peng has joined TL in a massive mid-season move. This change comes after a The change comes at a stormy time for the team since last week they would swap their AD Carry Chae Piglet Gwang-jin with their midlaner Jung Youngbin Young-bin. The club’s owner Steve Liquid112 Arhancet announced this a few days ago on Twitter.

If you remember Doublelift left Team SoloMid to focus on streaming in November last year after the World Championship. TSM released a statement that even though the veteran Legend will play with TL until the split ends, this will not change his intention to go back and try out as AD carry with Team SoloMid in the next split during the summer.

Doublelift previously stated that he is burned out and he wanted to focus on his life outside of professional gaming. However, now he says that he did not realise that competitive play is where he belongs and it is his calling. In his statement, Doublelift added that he did not intend to come back before the Summer split, but since he received the opportunity, he decided to return to pro earlier.

TL are facing an uphill battle in the last weeks of the season since they are currently at the bottom of the table alongside Team EnVyUs. You can watch their next match on Saturday against Team Dignitas on Twitch. It will be exciting to see how Doublelift will perform after his absence against an amazing AD Carry like LOD.

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