The Flash Wolves Won IEM Katowice

Who won the IEM Finals?

The only thing we can call their performance is a flash of brilliance. These incredible players managed to win the League of Legends IEM Season XI World Championship after their amazing win 2-0 versus the G2 Esports in the grand final in Katowice two days ago.

It was almost a flawless run for the Taiwanese team as they started their group as they won the opening best-of-one versus G2 and afterwards managed to defeat Unicorns of Love with 2-0 to advance to the playoffs.

They only had one loss, which was against H2k in the semifinals. The European giants managed to take the first game. However the Wolves managed to win the second match, and the result was 2-1.

In the finals, they had to face G2 again, and it was a repeat of their matchup from the group stage. G2 made some brilliant bans including betty’s Varus in both of the games. However, it certainly was not enough to stop the Wolves from winning the finals.

I personally was quite impressed by Karsa’s Kha’Zix in both of the games as he had a flawless KDA and performance. The KDA from the first game was 3-0-8 and from the second one 3-0-4.

There were quite a lot of technical issues during the playoffs, for example, G2’s computers were lagging during their game with the ROX Tigers.

The tech problems caused different delays, and according to Perkz (G2’s midlaner), the team was on stage for about 10 hours. Perkz was also named the MVP of the entire tournament.

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