Gary McAllister explains why Liverpool need to finish in the top 4

Why do Liverpool need the 4th place?

Gary McAllister, the former Liverpool midfielder stated that Jurgen Klopp is building up to something huge at Anfield and has backed his squad to qualify for the next season’s Champions League. Liverpool is sitting in the 4th place with 56 points after a total of 29 games. They are ahead of Manchester United with only 4 points. However, the Red Devils have a huge advantage, and that is the two games that they are yet to play.

Klopp’s men currently have an excellent record against the top 4 teams. The squad managed to take some points versus strong teams like United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea and even Manchester City. The Reds will take on Everton in the derby clash after the break and McAllister think that finishing in the 4 four is crucial for his ex-team.

McAllister even spoke to the Liverpool Echo on the matter. He stated that he has been watching Jurgen Klopp in training and he has noticed how he pushes his players. He added that the old school hard graft method obviously still works. Klopp is usually very modern when it comes to his thinking, but there is still a traditional side to it. McAllister claims that something massive is building up. The harder game during the season, the better the Reds have played. There has been a problem with clubs who sit behind the ball and make it tough, but that is a better problem that not being able to defeat your rivals.

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