Inori says that he can learn a lot from Meteos

What has Inori learned from meteos?

Rami Inori Charagh is currently splitting his jungle time with William Meteos Hartman, and according to him, it is an excellent learning experience. Inori talked about the situation with P1 and his journey during his break from the squad with The Nexus Podcast.

When he was asked to discuss the subject of leaving and coming back to a situation in which he is no longer a guaranteed starter, he stated that he was a bit distraught.

When they were discussing his first reaction to being benched because of Meteos, Inori decided to cut straight to the point. The jungler said that it is a bittersweet feeling when he saw his team succeed without him, and it was very hard to accept. However, he has learned a lot from this experience and thinks that he still has a long way to go.

Inori’s break from the team ended with a lot of spare time for self-reflection. The esports athlete stated that he spend quite a lot of time with his mother. Moreover, aside from that, Inori said that he binged watched sports documentaries, and he took to heart some of the hard lessons that were learned by the pro athletes in traditional sports.

Inori stated that he had learned quite a lot from them and it may sound silly, but some of the things he saw could apply to his situation. The most important thing he learned is to be humble, because no matter how good you are, even if you are the best, you can never know what will happen next. Moreover, by staying humble, you can keep your mental state at a good level.

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