Ukie Pushes To Make UK An eSports Hub

Ukie Pushes To Make UK An eSports Hub

United Kingdom Interactive Entertainment is pushing the UK government to begin reforms that will help to make the country a global eSports hub.

Ukie made the call a few days ago, as they published an eSports white paper, which outlined the industry opportunities, recommendations to government, as well as growth areas. The group projected that this sector would be worth approximately $1 billion by 2019.

Dr Jo Twist OBE, who is the CEO of Ukie stated that Esports, and in live tournaments offer tremendous opportunities across the United Kingdom in local economic growth, job creation, tourism, showing the world about their ambitions when it comes technology, innovation, and creativity. This whitepaper aimed to give a context of this global industry.

The United Kingdom can become a global hub for eSports if the government puts up the necessary measures, which will help the sector’s growth in the UK, according to Ukie.

The trade body has outlined eight recommendations for how the United Kingdom can become a worldwide leader in eSports. These were results of consultations that Ukie made with several members of the United Kingdom’s eSports community.

Ukie urged several government departments to work with some of the eSports stakeholders to develop a unified approach as well as an appealing investment and trade offer to large international tournament holders, as well as IP owners, and brands.

Ukie also highlighted how important the delivery of fast broadband and 5G would improve and provide the best infrastructure in the country.

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